Twitter Eliminates Accounts With Million Followers For This Reason

Published on March 12, 2018

Twitter users might already be aware of a common problem. This problem, wherein some retweets are plagiarized quotes from other accounts, can come across as seriously annoying. This retweeting process usually takes place because the brand behind the account is trying to force their tweets to go viral. However, Twitter’s new initiative will give you the freedom to no longer put up with such problems.


The social media giant has suspended a list of accounts that have been detected to have mass-retweeted each other’s posts in the past. The list includes Common White Girl, Dory and Finah as well. The latest change came to a couple of weeks after Twitter decided to remove the ability to retweet posts across multiple accounts within Tweetdeck. They have done this to neuter the ability of faux viral peddlers to spread each other’s messages without resorting to third-party clients or asking for retweets.

Twitter hasn’t provided any information on whether the suspension is permanent by nature. The social media firm has so far declined to comment on this matter.

However, a report by Engadget claims to have learned that the accounts were suspended for violating spam policies, which essentially forbid mass duplication and impersonation. Even if their accounts end up being restored, then they couldn’t resume their behavior without facing a stricter penalty. “The move won’t eliminate this sort of behavior, which is fueled by money: customers pay for retweets knowing that legions of people will see them,” an online report reads.

This crackdown has targeted accounts that have millions of followers. In other words, their absence may be felt by its followers for apparent reasons. This is not a coincidence as Twitter has long been under pressure to eliminate coordinated spamming of all kinds – whether it is from Russian bots or tweet-deckers.

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