TVs, voice assistants dominate CES, 2018

Published on January 8, 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show for 2018 hasn’t officially opened its doors, but that does not mean, we cannot see what the event has to offer to its visitors. According to a report published by CNET, there’s a long line-up of press conferences scheduled to take place during the program.

TVs, voice assistants dominate CES, 2018.

Visitors will witness some of the biggest technology players, showcasing the best of what they have to offer. Each year, there is a sector that primarily dominates the show. Back in 2016, autonomous electronic gadgets and vehicles managed to steal the limelight. It seems like this year, TVs and voice assistants are carrying the torch forward.

It would be a lie to state that TVs haven’t dominated CES. They have always been big when it comes to the looked-forward-to event. Technology giant LG, like most years, managed to get the ball rolling first. The firm showed-off all the possible updates of its TV, all the way from its W8 series down to the budget-friendly B8 series. The TV line-up managed to retain slim profiles. Their fresh W8 line-up, which is also known as the “wall art” design, consists of several modern-day features including Google’s voice Assistant along with the Alpha 9 processor. The Alpha 9 processor promises to enhance the sharpness and color of the line-up.

LG wasn’t the only company to show its line-up off. The company was joined by Samsung and Sony as well. As far as Samsung is concerned, the company pitched OLED technology through its 2018 flagship TV line-up.

Through the use of quantum dots and a few other improvements, they are now offering users with an updated line-up of LCD panels as well. Even Sony is expected to take the wraps off many devices powered by the digital voice assistant feature. As mentioned previously, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered devices are truly going on to become the norm of the year.

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TVs, voice assistants dominate CES, 2018
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