Top Online Tools to Easily Merge Your PDF Files

Published on December 22, 2020
Online Tools
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If you have trouble managing many PDFs simultaneously, you are in the perfect spot because this guide will give you the best PDF merger to organize your data. If you need to choose the ideal software to satisfy your preference, decide on the secure and safe PDF merger so that your files will stay private. If you are looking for a merging tool that is little to no cost, just choose what you think is best for you on this list. With that said, here’s a list of the best PDF merger that you need to start using today.


PDF Bear is the top merging tool that many individuals access on the web with zero cost. This platform will let you use its merge PDF files free feature to combine multiple PDFs in less than 20 seconds with no hassle. Besides the merging tool, anyone can use other PDFBear features such as the PDF unlock, protect, split, repair, converter, or compressor. This platform is convenient for anyone because whatever is your goal with your file, PDFBear will help you with anything and provide the necessary tools.

Since this software is web-based, anyone worldwide can use all of its tools through their laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet. It’s needed because you might have to combine your PDFs abruptly, and PDFBear can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Besides reliability and convenience, you can also use PDFBear securely and safely. With that, this platform’s system will quickly erase your data after one hour to ensure that your files will stay private and restricted to other people.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is among the favored software that people use to merge their PDF files. Managing many PDFs is sometimes a challenging and time-consuming process for many people. After uploading your PDF files to integrate them into one PDF file, Adobe Acrobat can easily combine separate PDFs without any trouble.

Users can arrange different pages, and you can also perform the “Drag & Drop” method. Once the file is ready, users can add a footer, headers, bookmarks, and you can also place page numbers for you to navigate them easily.

Soda PDF

If you use Soda PDF, you can edit and create the PDF files that you want. This platform features a sleek and modern interface, and Soda PDF can be accessed with zero cost. With this tool, users can configure their PDF files easily. Soda PDF offers the OCR, Forms, Secure and Sign, insert, convert, create, view, and edit PDF file features.

Users have the choice to download Soda PDF on their computer or use the online platform to start merging their PDF files. It’s quite convenient to use, and you can access it at your home or office.


GogoPDF is another online software that people worldwide can easily access through their mobile device or desktop. This platform is capable of merging, compressing, splitting, unlock, protect, add watermarks, edit, or even place your electronic signature on a document. With its multiple online functions, users won’t get a hard time or be confused about using them because GogoPDF will provide straightforward instructions.

If you are concerned about your documents’ safety, there’s nothing to worry about because GogoPDF will make sure that they stay private and for your use only. With that statement, the system of GogoPDF will instantly delete every uploaded and edited file after one hour.


With how the name goes, ILovePDF can edit and modify your PDF documents without any problem. It’s not surprising for many people because this online software is capable of converting JPGs to PDFs, decrypt the password of encrypted or protected PDF documents and export pictures from a PDF file. You will experience accessibility and convenience when you start using this online platform for work, personal purposes, or school.

Like other PDF merging tools, this online software will authorize you to edit your multiple PDF files at a time. With that said, it will be easy for you to rotate any PDF pages before combining them into one document.


Some of the features on this list will cost you a little penny to nothing. So it would help if you chose appropriately which tool functions well and will give you a satisfying result. And also, decide what you think will genuinely assist you with that matter and not give you a headache when utilizing it. If you want a suggestion, I recommend PDFBear. PDFBear stands out so well that many people are using this online software because it respects your documents’ privacy.

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