Top 05 Cheap Wireless Headphones To Buy Under Budget

Published on September 25, 2019

If you want to replace your collection or add a Bluetooth headset without making the bank balance zero, you are in the right place. There are many choices for buying Cheap Wireless Headphones, from wireless headphones to over-ear headphones. If you are looking for the best headphones, you are in the right place with OnePlus Wireless Bullets 2. Here you will find the best portability and balanced quality ratio that should be in Cheap Wireless Headphones.

OnePlus Bullets 2

Wireless OnePlus Bullets 2 is the focus of large wireless headsets. They are not too ambitious and do not have the characteristics of a truly wireless packaging with wireless case. However, they are equipped with useful functions, for example: Rest, when both buds are magnetically attached, and the charge is distorted, which allows you an incredible 10-hour listening experience for 10 minutes.

Bullets 2 is great for its size in terms of sound. With a fairly neutral midrange and high tempo they have small bumps on the bass. Dynamic range and good sound stage. To ensure the best wireless audio quality, Bullets 2 offers support to aptX-HD, aptX, AAC, and SBC; all major Bluetooth audio codecs.

Unfortunately, they do not produce active noise cancellation (ANC). So restraining Taylor Swift will still make a lot of noise. However, you will receive hands-free assistance from Google Assistant. Just say “Hello Google” or “Ok Google” and call the menu. You also get audio controls, including large volumes, which is difficult to overcome with Bluetooth headphones.

Bullets 2 functions like an ordinary Bluetooth headset if it is not connected to an OnePlus device such as a laptop or tablet. You will not get a hands-free assistant or fast installation assistant.

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT

The only over-ear headset in cheap wireless headphones list is Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT, and with good reason. Sennheiser has a good reputation in making headsets with high-end quality including HD 4.40 BT.

Even though they don’t have subtle functions, they focus on the basics. With a single charge, HD 4.40 BT offers battery life of up to 25 hours. Unfortunately, instead of USB-C, they gets charged via micro-USB.

They have a characteristic hot tone with dull and amplified bass, neutral midrange, and concave treble. This is a signature with a hot voice but not a bass-head sound. They also support aptX, SBC, and AAC as audio codecs. While it’s not as crazy as aptX-HD or LDAC, it offers greater loyalty for wireless networks. But that also guarantees support, whether you use an iPhone with 1000 or 400 US dollars Pixel 3a which produces amazing sound.

Other connections include adding NFC to handsets that support Android. Without switching or starting Bluetooth mode, it allows you to swiftly pair headset with any Android supported device.

They can be folded and stored in a portable form. Even though it is a bit heavy, HD 4.40 BT is very pleasing to the head and does not cause your headgear to be a problem of fatigue or earache.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air

Do you really want a cheap wireless headphones without spending a lot of money? No need to go anywhere when you have the opportunity to buy Anker Soundcore Liberty Air. With relatively flat sound tags, they produce extraordinary sounds. In the high altitude region, a slight over-system can occur, corresponding to a few sibilants and vocals and tougher instruments such as high caps on drums.

The soundstage is quite small, unlike most Bluetooth headsets. And while they don’t have volume controls for headphones, this Bluetooth device that supports 5.0 has basic media controls like reverse/forward and play/pause. They only support SBC and AAC in terms of Bluetooth codecs.

They feature an ear design that not only seals the ears, but also provides overall stability. Liberty Air soundcore is also available with normal small, medium and large earplugs. In terms of battery life, depending on the charging situation, you can spend 5 hours on one battery charge and up to 20 hours with a full battery life. There is nothing unique about the situation. Wireless charging is not available and uses microUSB charging.

JLab JBuds Air

Workout wireless headsets are always on favorite list, and JBuds Air wireless headsets top this list. They provide almost all the basic features normally found on real wireless headsets: automatic power on and off, and play / pause and autonomous audio through the ear. This means you can switch to earbuds in the early 2000s and only have one earbud in your ear.

For training / sports headphones, they are as expected in terms of sound quality. The signature of the V-sound matches the bass that can be pumped and the altitude is a little higher.

The fact that this set of wireless earphones come with charging case. The handset itself fills up to 4 hours independently, with an additional charge of 14 hours. The only disadvantage of the charging case is that the charging cable is mounted. This means you have to replace the box completely if the cable breaks or stops working. For a true wireless headset, overall battery life is adequate.

JBuds Water is dustproof and waterproof for IP55. This means you can take it out for a long run or exercise. You should be fine if you fall into a puddle. They are equipped with 3 sets of small, medium and large normal earphones and a set of ear hooks for better stability in the ear seal.

Cheap Wireless Headphones: LETSCOM

LETSCOM is a best wireless headphone when it comes to save money with better results. An impressive battery, deep bass, and clear highs that lasts up to eight hours on a single charge.

IPX7 has some water resistance, which is useful for welding resistance. Unfortunately they are not dustproof at all, but for most customers this is no big deal. LETSCOM has a wire between the two ears that makes it comfortable if you don’t use it to hang. They have LED indicators when they are enabled, which is a minor annoyance. Well, LED in day light cannot be seen but at night it may annoys you as others can see you are using wireless headphones.

One of LETSCOM’s biggest weaknesses is the use of micro USB for charging, not USB-C. This is a total abomination in 2019, but you can’t complain much about the costs. The same thing applies to Bluetooth 4.1. This is not 5.0, but in terms of actual sound quality, 5.0 does not match that. These headsets only support the audio codec SBC Bluetooth.

The design of the hook makes your ears look good in terms of comfort and stability. And they come with three sizes of normal earplugs above the pair that is already installed.

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Top 05 Cheap Wireless Headphones To Buy Under Budget
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