Jabra Elite 85H Headphones Review

Published on September 22, 2019

Jabra Elite 85H Headphones – Powered by 35 hours of noise reduction performance, integration of three-digit wizards (Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri), intelligent listening mode, and the popular Jabra audio customization feature, the Jabra Elite 85j datasheet itself promises amazing results,

Apart from a few minor noise problems and imperfect noise cancellation, the Elite 85h is a good alternative to Bose and the latest addition to our best headphones and the best side with a noise canceling headset.


Jabra does not save the cost of when making these boxes. Fabrics on the nano-coated side to protect water damage patterns is great. That is the right thing between luxury and sports. It makes the headset ideal for all activities, from traveling to training, although I don’t recommend the latter. The curved yoke feature is also a very contemporary look, like the AKG N700NC, for the Elite 85h.

I appreciate skin accents, but the taste of the material becomes annoying after 30 minutes of use. I also wasn’t happy with the hinges that were not as strong as some of the other components.

Within canes, Jabra packs a range of equipment, including USB-C recharge cable, an additional cord, a chic leather bag, and a tour adapter to keep everything. This headset is available in four colors: black, dark, beige gold, and titanium black.


With 114 grams, Elite 85h is a giant ANC that surpasses its competitors. Very soft foam pillows provide excellent cushioning. I love how oily and soft ingredients feel on my skin. The oval neckline of each ear gives plenty of room for the ears to breathe. Stability is another powerful feature: a stretched headband is adjusted to your skull and gives flexibility to move without applying undesired pressure. Properly adjust the extension cable and secure the headphones.

Control and adjustment

The functionality consists of physical buttons and movements for ear recognition. Both of these schemes worked well, though I was more impressed by the accuracy of the latter. The can lights up automatically and enters pairing mode when the ear is closed. Rotate the power off. You can also set automatic play / pause and answer / mute functions to do when you put the headset on your head or delete it. The movement worked perfectly during the test.

Jabra could be more innovative and, like Sony’s headset, can place touch controls on the headset control panel. However, it has a responsive 3 button layout on the right panel that matches the design. Two protruding little dots act as navigation buttons (press and hold) and volume keys (press once). Whereas the concave circle in the middle is a multi-function button that allows you to mute/pause music or answer/end a call (press once).

At the end of each pin there are special buttons – one for the Mute function/ Digital Assistant (right) and one for the active Pellet mode/ Noise (left). Aux and USB-C connectors are located in the lower right ear.

To begin auto-pairing, turn on the headset or click and keep MF for 2-3 seconds. See the list of accessible apps for “Jabra Elite 85.”

Smart noisy cancellation

Intelligent Active Noise Canceling, which uses a digital hybrid4-phone Noise cancelation alternative, is introduced by Jabra. How good is it? Generally, headphones are highly efficient for volume reduction however, not as much as WH-1000xM3 or QC35 II.

I tested the technology inside and out and have proven myself in forging with different noise levels. Most of the excitement in my apartment is not there when I play with these boxes. My friend had to connect me to a cat toy to get my attention from the whole room. I proceeded to operate on my MacBook Pro with very explosive, deadly weapons playing in a large volume in background.

The technology from Jabra makes a praiseworthy contribution to noise cancellation, but in public environments, I find that the ANC QC35 II performs better than the WH-1000xM3. On Elite 85h streets, about 70 percent of the environmental records are turned off. It sank the car’s engine and called nearby. Sirens and construction equipment such as jackhammer are loud enough, but when raised to the maximum level, these sounds sink.

Audio performance

The Elite 85h features a 40mm speaker that is adapted to a large, warm sound screen and exceptional sound depth.

I tested different music genres and fell in love with the reproduction of his voice. Jazz albums such as “The Awakening of Ahmad Jamal” show great instrumental separation. The level setting of the dolphin dance has been explained in detail, with each key and rope recorded. Jamal’s phenomenal piano playing was not covered by the heavy bass markings of the work.

Most of the same power has been transferred to alternative rock jams. Blue guitar circles and missing baby drums are highly contagious, while the flash songs of Adam Blink 182 songs become clearer and the middle ones become more transparent for fragile drums and high hats. The emphasis on bass and treble of QC35 II reduces vocals and hides certain elements of production.

Usually headset companies sell their headphones on the base of bass and Elite 85h has it in a perfect way. Booming songs like Black Thought’s Kill Yourself lost some of the details of the headset that sounded the warmest, but the Elite 85h was an exception. This balances the breakthrough song with clear vocals, producing a serious nod of energy.

Unfortunately, the speaker has some sound problems, especially when listening to music in both hearing modes. Bruno Mars’s 24K Magic bass and synthesizer are muted in ANC mode, while D’Angelo’s evil cake is distorted in HearThrough mode. Fortunately, the sound landscape can be adjusted from the Jabra Sound app’s EQ settings.

In general, aux wires enhance mobile headset sound efficiency, but very little for the 85h Elite. The only real difference is that the vocal is a little better.

Hear through mode

This is not the first Jabra rodeo with surrounding listening mode (see our Elite Active 65t test). Elite 85h combines the company’s HearThrough technology for greater environmental friendliness without removing the headset. This mode is convenient for tracking conversations with others or tracking cable public transport messages. Unfortunately, the mode distorts the bass, and the whistle sounds in and out when the media is paused.

Jabra Sound + App

The Jabra Sound + (Android and iOS) application functions as the main center of headset adjustment, similar to Elite Active 65 t and the Elite 65 t. It’s programmed with four profiles – My Moments, Commuting, Public and Private – to adjust listening preferences in certain environments. You will probably remain in My mode because this is the first option available and will use the same settings as for all other accounts.

Sound+ has many characteristics that are no less helpful to build/save your own sound profile than a unique EQ with five pre-determined tones. In surround audio mode, you can activate listening mode directly from the application. The settings icon on the right side displays other features such as sleep timer, ear recognition gestures, and special call options. You can adjust how much your voice should be heard and can specify the caller’s tone.

Several additional menu can be found on the Bottom Discovery panel including speech access, My Jabra Finding to locate the device, and updates.

Digital Assistant

Most of the noise around these bad guys is based on integration with three-digit magicians. Elite 85h supports, Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon Alexa, and can use the application to choose the app as the default assistant. Each works well, but the special thing about voice commands is Jabra’s advanced 8-microphone conversation technology. The microphone provides excellent voice recognition and records every request.

Battery life

Elite 85h currently has a battery with the best value in its class. We talked with ANC for 36 hours. Three days use of Spotify and some Skype calls shortened the battery life by around 60 percent.

Headphones also function passively, so you can hear them in cable mode for up to 41 hours. Even more than the clutch is the fast filling function, which results in a five-hour playback with a 15-minute charging time.

Call quality

Elite Active 65t first and Elite 65t provided much better call quality than Elite 85h. Jabra microphones have been designed very carefully to avoid distractions and to take vocals with care. Most of my colleagues clearly heard me when they were at home and in the park and didn’t care about background noise.

My only complaint, Elite 85h, is that you have to speak loudly. When I spoke calmly in our quiet living room, a friend told me that I had heard from afar. With the side slider, I change how soft or loud my voice is when I call.


It offers wireless listening up to 15 meters (50 feet 16 m). Even more spectacular is the multi-point technology from Jabra, with which the headset can connect up to eight devices at the same time. I only have two – mine


For $ 250, the Jabra Elite 85h should be considered the next noise reduction headset. This is a multi-function option that touches almost all brands, ranging from dynamic sound that can be adjusted to solid sound. The best battery life and many features also add to supply.

Despite this success, some weaknesses do not guarantee the status of this barefoot killer headset. Bose QC35 II continues to be the king of efficient and safe noise reduction. The Sony WH-1000xM3 has provided all ANC headsets with real and full sound, even though the Jabra Elite 85h sound is clear. It also doesn’t help that the Elite 85 bass level changes when listening mode is activated.

Overall, the Elite 85h is worth the money and offers more features and higher listening efficiency than other Sony or Bose headsets.

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