The Volume Control Option is to be updated in the iOS 13

Published on June 4, 2019

The soliloquy was often heard about Apple’s phones as its volume button directly popped out on the center of the display. The volume HUD had become the point of sarcasm in the iOS community. This was because the old UI was larger than the existing updated feature which has shrunken to appear at the side of the screen rather on the center part.

Image Courtesy: MacRumors

This new UI is so appropriate that once you tap on the volume button, you will see that the drop down arises. You can easily adjust the volume with your fingers. In the Control Center, you can slide it. When the phone is set in the landscape mode, you will get to see that the volume slider appears in the middle of the top of the screen. Unlike the previous volume control option, this volume control option has got the added benefit and a new look to step in for the Apple mobile users. The new volume control option takes up a small room for its display. In the portrait mode, you will find it on the left side.

For years, iOS users have been waiting for this change in the appearance of the volume. This experience of volume will never let down the iOS users. Apple has been a productive game changer at periodic times. Several rumors have carried the baggage of volume control option. Some tweets have been so aggressive that the company decided to bring a change in the volume option.

Along with the volume pupation, dark mode and other auxiliary settings are prioritized.

iOS platform has always offered the small nuances to celebrate its potential abilities in a phone. At the end of every year, the company engrosses for millions of profit without any hustle for success. As it contains certain in-built strength that connects with the real world, it stands as the medium through which the customer gets satisfied. This time Apple has urged to compete with the Google features. That is why, like Google, this company has also initiated to provide Apple View to locate the street facilities at the tap of the button.

In transit to this, the dark mode is making an evolutionary remark at the international stardom. Technology experts have cited that though iOS 13 has made a significant improvement in its initiation stage, yet it needs a certain better catalyst to run over the speed of Google that it has been offering. Volume control option had been the boredom caricature that the users wanted it to change. So, this year, the iOS platform has decided to bring in the volume modulation so that it does not carry any more sarcasm to the system.

What could be more essential than the volume control option to be modified? This was the only thing that was running through the users, whether it would come with an updation or not? But to relax every individual, you are going to witness a complete, satisfying package of the system. iOS will never redeem this joke of volume option to any other stage rather has chosen to curb it in the first place.

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