The Dashboard feature is being eliminated in macOS Catalina

Published on June 5, 2019

The most used feature in Mac is no longer available. The Dashboard, which has been served for the longest time, has already bid a good-bye. Appleosophy and other developers using the preview of macOS Catalina have found that the secondary screen for widgets is not at the space. You cannot use the terminal to get it back missing in Launchpad.

Image Courtesy: MacRumors

This time the update is falling out of palate. According to Apple, in collaboration with OS X Tiger, back in 2005, Apple had featured Dashboard. But now, if it is going to move out of the trend, then it must go. With the dashboard, users were able to track their packages, weather, and other essential information. Due to the presence of sidebar, the usefulness of the dashboard has begun to reach a full stop. Many of the Mac and Apple users have started to move on from this feature. The duration stayed for was significant. But change is the only constant. When the application was introduced, the concept of widgets inclusion to Apple’s desktop had become the hallmark of OS X design for more than a decade. The sticky note feature enhanced the vitality of the Dashboard. How Dashboard carried the information about the clock, calculator widgets, stocks, and design philosophy was exotic. It had laid the foundation for the first version of iOS that got established after a few years of OS X Tiger.

The dashboard was not updated and lost its UI pupation. But since 2011, it had been a global platform to various forms of widgets. But with the introduction of OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Apple made it stay as a default option. But, on a near end, it allowed users to use it as a hotkey. To keep it to present, macOS Catalina will play a clear, bold goodbye to the Dashboard for good sense. The history of Dashboard counts for efficient usage. It was possible for Apple to display the widgets directly on the Dashboard. But with the advancement in technology, software programs are also changing the landscape. It will always stay as software design for the desktop until the banishment of Apple.

Apple has been incredible throughout the ages. Recently, it has made a significant addition of features which include a dark mode, sign in with apple and many more. The privacy settings have been upgraded. Siri is going to get a new voice. All these updates will upgrade the position of Apple. The dashboard was considered to be the right corner screen of the desktop. You could get it by default, but as of now, you will not even get it using the terminal.

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