The Coinbase has hit upon the top spot on the Apple’s US App Store

Published on December 8, 2017

By ignoring the ongoing price rates for a second, there is an excellent sign for the bitcoin fever that a particular app shall let you buy the much-hyped cryptocurrencies at one single click. This specific app has now become the most downloaded app in the Apple’s App Store.

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The Coinbase, known to hold a value of about 1.6 Billion US Dollars, has become the world’s well known and best exchange for converting all the flats into the cryptos, which has let them hit the top spot within the free apps download at the Apple’s US app store. For the very first time, the price of the bitcoins has reached skyrocket with a worth of about seventeen thousand US Dollars, which is twenty percent price jump that happened in the last twenty-four hours.

The ironic thing about the Coinbase hitting upon the mainstream is that many of the customers were not able to access the app, as considerable traffic happened at the Apple’s US App Store.

The Coinbase app started to hang for many, and many people were not able to check with their account balance, yet, they were able to buy some more coins, in spite of the sudden rush that happened to the app. The official website of the Coinbase also faced the same traffic issue, and it was down for maintenance for few hours.

The things got slowed down after a period, and the Coinbase App is still the most downloaded free app at the US Apple App store, despite random hanging and other kinds of app-related issues. This proves the craze, which people have to bitcoin and they are looking forward to accessing their accounts through these apps that are user-friendly to them in many ways.

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