The best gadgets to get the most out of your smartphone

Published on November 24, 2020
Image Credit: [Unsplash/David Helte]

You might think you’re getting the most out of your smartphone. You’ve set up every app and every setting to work just how you want it. The reality is that you could be getting more out of your phone by buying some extra bits of tech to use alongside it. Here are some of the best gadgets you should consider buying for your smartphone.

A smartwatch

There’s very little a smartphone can’t do. It can keep you up to date with the latest stories around the world via one of the many news apps, let you know when someone’s sent you a message on social media and of course, let you know when someone’s trying to call you. The main problem is all of these things are possible either when you’ve got your phone in your hands or if you have got it on loud. If you’ve got your phone switched to silent, you could find you miss out on lots of important notifications throughout the day.

The best way to make sure you never miss an important notification again is to pair your smartphone with a smartwatch. For example, if you have an iPhone you can easily pair it to an Apple watch and receive all of the same notifications onto a small device on your wrist. That way, you’re a lot more likely to spot any notification on your wrist than you are on your phone if it’s in your pocket or even your bag. Apple have already brought out a number of different versions of their watch, but you can find a very useful comparison of Apple watches online to help you find the device that best suits your needs.

A protective case

As your phone can do so much, you often rely on it for so many of your daily tasks. Whether it’s something as simple as waking you up in the morning with an alarm clock, or even paying for your morning coffee via an app, you’d often be lost without it. That’s why it’s so important to protect it from breakages. Just one accidental drop of your phone could take it out of action until it can be repaired. Make sure any device you have has a strong case to protect it from things like water, scratches and of course, gravity!

Wireless headphones

A smartphone isn’t just a way of getting in contact with people. It’s also a great way of entertaining yourself when you’re out of the house. Whether it’s playing games, streaming music or watching a movie, there are so many apps out there to help you kill time. To get the most enjoyment out of these apps, consider buying a pair of wireless headphones to connect to your phone. This will allow you to listen to music while exercising without getting tangled up in a cable. It’ll also allow you to position your phone at a good angle to watch a film without it being attached to your ears.

There are lots of different types suitable for different smartphones on the market, so you’ll be sure to be able to find some that work with your device.

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