The Bandai Namco released the new trailer of the SoulCalibur VI

Published on December 8, 2017

The publisher Bandai Namco has announced about bringing back the SoulCalibur to the mainstream. The latest entry is all about the SoulCalibur VI, which is all set to release for the PlayStation 4, PC and for the Xbox One very soon. This official announcement was made along with a trailer that portrays more action sequences like never before.

SoulCalibur VI New Trailer

Every other fighting game is not meant to be a single player game. This particular SoulCalibur is known to be the best multiplayer game that works great for more than one player. The game is now strictly meant for a two player game on a single console. The gamers are not allowed to create a tag team.

It’s a good option when compared to other offline fighting games. However, when a player goes online, they can create a tag team and play with many of them.

The SoulCalibur VI is known to be a series at odds. The game has a competent fighter to fight with, yet, only people who are huge fans of the SoulCalibur shall go forward getting this game on their devices. The entire fighting system is still the same, and even the new kind of critical edge moves have got no changes when compared to the previous versions.

The story is entirely contrived, filled up with annoying cutscenes and overacting by many characters. Although there are many such flaws in the gameplay, the multiple player options have been working well, and the players can even earn an incentive by playing other modes. The SoulCalibur VI is all set to release by 2018 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC.

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