TG Weekly Roundup: All about Apple & its devices

Published on December 4, 2017

Over the past one week Apple is in high buzz, some of it positive and rest is negative. Apple is moving a stead ahead in innovations while its products are going down in quality and services. At one place Apple is stuck on legal patent issues while at another site the company is registering patents of some unheard technologies. Let’s move in deep and know what all is happening in Apple world, what bugs and problem are coming in Apple devices, what lawsuits are making Apple engaged and how the company is taking a step ahead in technology and innovation.

1. A patent report filed at US Patent and Trademark Official states that Apple has filed for a patent of the foldable screen, a technology with this one can fold the display of the smartphone and can decrease the occupying space of smartphones.

2. Apple is reportedly working on a chip that will help Apple iPhones to run at a lower power consumption which will lead to a long battery life. As we all know that Apple users are feels very much limited regarding battery life and for that Apple is working on a chip hardware.

3. Apple turned the third largest wearable device maker after Fitbit and Xiaom, according to the researcher IDC. Apple shipped 2.7 million Apple watches while Fitbit and Xiaomi shipped 3.6 million devices. The research report says that Apple rose by 52% year-over-year while Fitbit and Xiaomi shipments declined by 33% and 3% respectively in the third quarter of 2016.

4. Apple filed a complaint alleging that Qualcomm’s processor which is making millions of Android phones running infringes the iPhone maker’s patent. The complaint was a countersuit of Qualcomm’s patent allegation raised against Apple in July which says that the Apple is infringing Qualcomm’s copyright related to processor technology.

5. A major security flaw in macOS High Sierra, a Turkish developer, found a critical security flaw with Apple’s macOS High Sierra with which anyone can gain the root access to the machine. With the root access, the individual can access other accounts on the same computer and can cause critical damage to the data and the software too.

The quick update launched by Apple was full of bugs and started giving problems to all Mac users. The company apologized for the inconvenience. Now it is awaited that fixes and steps will Apple take to take over all these issues. So this was all about TG weekly roundup. Stay tuned for more.

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