Test Flight Of Flying Car Successfully Conducted By Japanese Firm NEC

Published on August 8, 2019

The world-leading Japanese technology tycoon NEC has executed the first test flight of their “flying car”. The Electronic King called NEC Corp. tested the original sample of the flying car on Monday 5th of August 2019 in a restricted area that was a cage in one of the company’s facilities in Abiko, Japan.

Test Flight Of Flying Car

Test Flight Of Flying Car: Image Source

The world has again witnessed an impossible thing happen in the form of the flying car that has been revealed by NEC. Believe it or not, it was not any scene of a movie it was a real car flying in the air.

The Successful Flight Of The Flying Car

During the test flight, the flying car flew about 10 feet above the ground for a minute and then settled back on the ground. The vehicle measures about 3.7 meters wide, 3.9 meters long and 1.3 meters high and weighs 150 kg. It is similar to a large drone that consists of four propellers that have the ability to carry people. The vehicle unmanned and did not carry people in its test drive.

It took almost one year to develop this model of the flying car. To test the sample it was placed in a cage that was 10 meters by 20 meters that were 2 meters tall so that its flight could be easily controlled to protect the people from any injury and it does not cause any damage.

Very soon the NEC flying car will be free to fly outdoors as the government of Japan has already permitted the company to fly it out of the cage.

The technology freaks have started anticipating what it would be like to travel in the flying cars.

Japan Wants To Be A World Leader In Flying Vehicles

The demonstration flight of the flying car is one of the firsts done by major Japanese Corporation, but Kouji Okada, who is the project leader at NEC, said that the company has no plans of mass-producing the flying vehicle. The project partner Cartivator plans to mass-produce the flying car in the year 2026.

This latest development is good news for the Japanese Government as it is positioning to be a leader in the flying car industry. Japan is the country that has always been one step ahead of others whenever it was about making electronic goods, and now it has made yet another breakthrough in the world of technology by making it possible for a car to fly.

The country is planning to use the flying cars for shipping goods by the year 2023 and allow the people to ride these flying cars by the year the 2030s. So, the people of Japan might be able to see the flying cars in about four years’ time from now. In about 11 years’ time, these cars might be seen flying in the air in major cities of Japan that are over-crowded with traffic.

Mr. Okada said that the flying cars might help in reducing the traffic burden on roads in the densely popular country. Traffic really has become a major problem in Japan.

Over the past two or more decades, the roads of japan have been overcrowded with heavy traffic. It did not only cause a lot of pollution but also a slow-moving speed. It was becoming hard to commute from one place to another and something had to be done to make the situation better. It was the time when the engineers and researchers of the best company making electronic items started thinking over the issue and after years of hard work came up with the idea of flying car. They have been working on this project for years and finally, the sample product has been introduced by the company.

Causes of Delay in Mass Production of the flying car

There are certain things that are needed to be perfect in a vehicle before it is launched for public use. There are many factors in the flying car that still need to be worked on and the engineers at NEC are working hard day and night to take the steps that are required for making improvements in the vehicle. The foremost thing that needs a little bit of attention is the battery life of the vehicle. One more thing that the company will be looking into is the safety of the pedestrians as well as the passengers of the car. As it would be a totally new experience certain rules and regulations would have to be made before it is used for shipping things or as a conveyance for people.

Okada told Bloomberg “We are positioning ourselves as an enabler of air mobility, providing location data and building communication infrastructure for flying cars.”

Japan might have to face tough competition with other countries including New Zealand, Singapore, and even Dubai and private corporations like Airbus, Larry Page’s Kitty Hawk Corp, and Uber Technologies Inc. As there is so much competition expected in the making of the flying car the technology lovers are looking forward when the other countries do the test flight of their cars so that they could compare the vehicles. The people would definitely prefer the flying car that would be the safest, fuel-efficient, environment-friendly, and equipped with modern technology.

Let’s see what the future holds for us in the field of technology and the new inventions like the flying car.


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Test Flight Of Flying Car
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