This is the most terrible password we choose

Published on December 21, 2017

The annual ‘worst passwords’ list is out and turns out; we users are becoming even stupider than before. A recent survey conducted by SplashData published a list of the top twenty-five “worst” passwords that most users end up choosing. The list contains words like, “Star Wars,” “Whatever,” “Let Me In,” and “Password” itself. These passwords not only reflect zero sign of creativity but are incredibly vulnerable to dangerous hacking exercises carried by criminals.


According to a report by The New York Times, Splash Data is the company responsible for creating applications for password management and security. Experts at the company condemn the use of the words mentioned above as the password for individuals.

“Hackers know your tricks, and merely tweaking an easily guessable password does not make it secure,” Splash Data’s Chief Executive, Morgan Slain noted. “We hope that our Worst Passwords of the Year List will cause people to take steps to protect themselves online,” he further added.

The analysis conducted by Splash Data was based on the five million leaked password in the region of North America and Western Europe. The list also consisted words like, “I Love You,” “Monkey,” “Hello,” “Freedom,” “QAZWSX,” and “Trust No 1.” Most websites make it mandatory these days, to involve the use of numerous characters and numbers in the password. However, there are still some platforms that do have consist of any such requirement.

Experts recommend the use of unique and useful passwords. The passwords must be long and should not be of any meaning to the user himself. A meaningless stringent of words, characters and numbers is possibly the best option for users these days. Password managers are also meant to help you choose the right password to protect your account. Choosing the correct password is of extreme importance, therefore, make sure you act wisely while doing so.

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