Superfast 5G network connectivity is about to hit global market: Report

Published on September 29, 2018

Sometime back many reports were out and also claimed that 5G network will have a lot of much to do with and will be more helpful to us, such as they claimed that 5G will enable safe self-driving car, also by streaming virtual reality, long-distance surgery, it will also enable video calls of 3D holographic etc. It was also out by the reports that 5G technology will be around 10 to 20 times faster than the current 4G network and also will help to transform the businesses. Also by using 5G network video calls will be a lot better and also more responsive. By next year, 2019 5G network will be out which will change the speed of people. 

Where, When and how will this 5G network come

The phones which will have the 5G network are, Moto Z3 of Motorola is the only handset which is applicable to upgrade to new 5G phone, which will just require a 5G Moto Mod add-on, but the most wonderful thing is that we have a phone already on the market which is ready to support and serve us the 5G network. Regarding this Moto Z3, Xiaomi is also ready to launch its new 5G network phone named Mi Mix 3 which will be launch next month. Similarly goes with the Oppo, its 5G network handset will launch in January 2019, same goes for the other companies. Same is with the Chinese company Huawei it is expected to launch its 5G network phone by the next year in the month of June-July. Sprint and LG have said that they will launch their next 5G handset on which they are working together in the first half of the next year. By the year 2022, every person will have the 5G network and will enjoy using 5G connectivity.

How it works

So 5G is not one technology but it is the combination of many technologies. The main reason behind the fast speed is that the 5G network enables the use of high frequencies, and it is meant that higher the frequencies the shorter will be the wavelength and regarding this, you must know that shorter wavelength helps to enable faster speed and lower latency. The main logic against this is that With shorter wavelengths, the distance between the device and the “tower” has to be much shorter, and the signal has a harder time penetrating through materials such as walls and trees. The technologies need to be improved for this company has to take care of their number of towers and increase them so that they could cope up with the obstacles, similarly, companies such as Verizon are using beamforming to direct signals around objects and toward devices.

But if we look about this more practically then enabling new towers for the customers will be very expensive

and also take a lot of time, therefore, because of this, the rollout will be uneven and slow. You know that the 5G network will consume more power just because the chip which was designed for 4G and will suck 5G network will obviously take a better role and will demand high bandwidth. It also indicates that fewer towers mean less area will be covered and very fewer cities will enable to use 5G network. If the antennas and towers will be limited and also there would be less distribution of antennas then there would be huge barriers in supplying 5G network to every person.

It was said that 5G network will not be used everywhere in the city but some places where there is more public spot such s entertainment places, shopping malls, offices and only in general location, therefore, it would not be available in every city or every homeplace. The FCC, Federal Communications Commission were called this week and said that Americans for responsible like the coalition of 52 grassroots organizations, they said that to slow 5G infrastructure deployments until we can figure out the health effects.

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