Stuck Design Demos Touchless Technology That Mimics a Button Press

Published on January 25, 2021
Stuck Design
Image Credit: [Stuck Design]

The WHO (World Health Organization) CDC (Centers for Disease Control) both warn people against touching their faces with unwashed hands on their respective COVID-19 info pages. This is important because the virus can survive on surfaces. Because of this, there has been an increase in demand for touchless technologies. Singapore-based ‘Stuck Design’ is wanting to create a world in which passengers won’t have to even press elevator buttons. According to Stuck Design, their ‘Kinetic Touchless’ technology can perfectly recreate the tactile response of pushing a button.

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The system functions by using motion as an input method. So, that means it doesn’t require direct contact. Also, it can imitate the movement at a distance. Stuck Design says this type of touchless interaction technology can be applied to gestures, also. So, the buttons that use Kinetic Touchless technology are able to move inwards and outwards if a pushing or pulling motion is made by the user. There is also a row of buttons that can follow the finger of the user if they make a sliding movement.

Touchless interactions have increased in popularity due to COVID-19. Most of those systems use an immovable sensor that uses a buzzer or light to indicate activation. But, by going beyond the normal feedback of sound and light, Kinetic Touchless is providing an exciting and familiar way to interact with technology without contact. Stuck Design has already created a working prototype.

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