SONY Sports Wireless Headphones WF-SP900 WM

Published on December 28, 2018

This product makes a great attempt to achieve the idea of being able to listen to music, podcasts and other audio files in places never imagined before like under water! These headphones work under water whether it’s fresh or salty water. You can even dive up to 2 meter under water and listen to whatever you want.

These headphones allow you to stream directly using Bluetooth technology or just at a touch using NFC on the case that holds both the headphones. These headphones are made for the toughest environment and are dustproof and ready for almost anything. It has a more flexible header that sits perfectly in your ear and gives more depth of feel when listening to music.

These headphones also feature the ability to pump some environmental sounds through the bud that keeps you in touch with the environment. All you need is power to take these headphones anywhere. It supports up to 4 GB that can last 21 hours and Bluetooth that can run for 12 hours. It also features tap to pause and play on the side piece, which is amazing.

It supports headphone connectivity app, music center app and also supports launch your voice assistant that aids in pausing and playing songs on voice command. The case that these headphones come in is for charging purpose that allows each piece to charge simultaneously.

It also consists of around the neck cord that helps keep each ear piece in position. It comes equipped with ambient sound and voice mode that allows another person to talk to you while you listen to music or stay vigilant for someone calling while listening to music. It also comes with a set of ear buds to fit various ear sizes.

Photo credit: SONY

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