Sony sells over 74 million PS4 units

Published on January 10, 2018

Sony has always been the kind to not shy away from embracing its achievements. The company loves to reveal their PS4 sales every opportunity they get. On the similar line, the Japanese game developer recently announced that they have ended up making a sale of almost 73.4 million PS4 units in 2017.


With this, the company has been successful at passing Nintendo’s 3DS of being the 10th-best-selling video game console of all time. “It is still behind its other three models including #7 PS3 (83.8 million), #4 PS1 (102.49 million) and #1 PS2 (155+ million), though it seems likely it will move up a few more spaces before all is said and done,” notes Forbes.

On the other hand, Redmond giant Microsoft is working towards progressing its policy of not revealing Xbox sales. What is known up till now is that Microsoft’s Xbox One X sales have pretty much exceeded the company’s expectations of outselling previous models. Needless to say, Microsoft is still far behind from achieving the pace that Sony and Nintendo already has. When we speak about Nintendo, it has been a tricky journey for the game developer. Their Wii U gaming console didn’t do particularly well back in 2016 with only about 13 million sales.

On the contrary, 2017 was a good year for Nintendo. They have ended up selling 180 million Switch hybrid gaming console units. With this, Switch has become the fastest selling console in the U.S. market. The report by Forbes suggests that it won’t be long before Nintendo catches up with Sony. The Switch console is consistently made stronger by the day.

The device consists more and number of useful features, thereby making the experience fresh for its users. “The Switch has no shortage of megahits still to come, including the next generation of Pokémon games which will be developed for the console,” notes Forbes.

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Sony sells over 74 million PS4 units
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