Sony PS5 release date revealed?

Published on March 25, 2018

We are not yet aware of precisely what Sony has in mind when it comes to its next-generation gaming console, PlayStation 5. However, the fans of the same are eagerly looking forward to what may happen packed in the upcoming device. The PlayStation 5 release date is something that the fans are specifically looking forward to as such.

Sony PS5

Recent reports have suggested that the Japanese technology giant may reveal something in the upcoming weeks. The firm will reportedly be holding a special presentation event, wherein they will speak about the series of gaming titles that will come along in the next year as well. In other words, the fans may have to wait for a bit longer until they can get their hands on the PlayStation 5 console.

This move would go on to suggest that Sony is comfortable with their current PS4 and PS4 Pro line-up at the moment. Sony is still working on perfecting the PlayStation 5, which is expected to arrive in 2020. Another leak that aims towards the possible arrival of PlayStation 5 is the recent spotting of PS4 Backwards Compatibility.

The company also plans on making a few changes to its PlayStation Plus subscription service. What came across as a major shocker for most was Sony’s decision to discontinue PS3 and PS Vita games from next year onward. However, even this can be taken as yet another hint towards something being cooked for later this year.

While all the rumours, actions and speculations about Sony’s move indicate that the firm is working towards bringing the PlayStation 5 quickly, we cannot be sure of the same. “CD Projekt Red’s next big project will be Cyberpunk 2077, a big new game already expected for the PS4 and Xbox One,” notes a report by Express. Only time will tell what Sony has in the offing.

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