Sony holds a new technology for $600 called a never-ending piece of paper

Published on May 22, 2018

A slimmed-down version of its “digital paper system” tablet today(may 21), called the DPT-CP1 announced by Sony. Sony calls it as an e-ink “electronic notepad”, which meant to replace all the notebooks and printed books which you were using since your complete life. It will cost $600 only.

Amazon’s Kindle products, 8.5-inch tablets fantastically uses a similar type of display technology found in e-book readers, also has a size of 10.3-inch. This type of technology which effectively replicates the experience of reading a physical paper on a digital screen. CP1 is also meant to be drawn on and comes with a stylus designed to replicate the feeling of the writing on paper with a pen and a pencil but unlike a kindle. This new model of the notebook also let users fill out interactive PDF forms; Sony has also built a new app, only for iOS and Android users that allowed users port over documents to read, to sign on the CP1, and notate. Most importantly, if those users have Samsung Galaxy Note 8, they will be able to do all this without this tablet.

Sony holds a new technology for $600 called a never-ending piece of paper

Most exciting feature in this is that the tablet battery has a life-span of three-weeks. The feel of paper and pen is enough to attract users away from other tablets and the looks; it sometimes seems unclear. It looks vague just because of other tablets that do far more or less or just taking notes the unfashioned way. Previously, the reviews of an older model of 13.3 inches were seen as best.

We all used to buy 5000 sheets of paper from Staples, which is a splurge on a classic mont blanc named “meisterstuck” ballpoint pen. In this, you have still come in about $130 below the usual cost of this tablet. And yes this is obvious that you cannot be able to carry all those paper in your messenger bag.

A fantastic feature about this if you’re attending Harvard Law School, as the person rotating the tablet in Sony’s preview images appears to be. But for everyone else there in that university The new iPad, which starts at about $465 (with a stylus), is probably a better bet. Therefore, the cost of the single-use tablet over the course of whatever you’ll make with that lucrative law degree after you graduate isn’t such an outlay. You could even throw in an $80 Kindle if you had your heart set on reading on an e-ink display and still come in under the cost of Sony’s tablet.

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Sony holds a new technology for $600 called a never-ending piece of paper
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