Sonos One: Smart Speaker with Great Sound

Published on June 13, 2019

Sonos One is the first smart speaker by Sonos and is launched at a time when Apple, Google, and Amazon are competing for AI dominance using voice assistants. The speakers are perfectly designed with great sound effects and bring together the best audio ecosystem.

Starting at $150, the speaker integrates Alexa and Google Assistant with better sound quality than any other smart speaker at the same price. Sonos One also offers home control feature and works seamlessly with the Sonos multiroom system.

The device is easy to use and does a great job of deciphering your requests and converting them into actions. The sound quality of Sonos is almost the same as its predecessors.

Pros of Sonos One

  • Rich sound with perfect pitch
  • Can play music while Alexa is muted
  • Supports Airplay and Google Assistant
  • Super easy to use with a simple setup
  • Integrates well with another Sonos system


  • No Bluetooth streaming, which is quite annoying for many users
  • Sonos One costs double than Amazon Echo
  • You can’t switch the assistants on the go. Instead, you manually need to do this by running the setup from the beginning
  • Absence of Hi-res audio support

Final Verdict

Sonos One is a small but fascinating speaker. It delivers premium audio quality and comes has a great look. However, the product is up against some serious competition within the smart speaker industry, especially in terms of pricing and integrated Bluetooth technology.

Sonos One, at a glance, might look like a perfect replacement for Alexa Echo, which is dominating the market for more than six months, but there is still room for improvement. It is also a major turn-off that Sonos One doesn’t support any popular streaming service, such as Spotify, which could be an added feature.

In conclusion, if you want the convenience of Alexa along with excellent sound quality, then Sonos One is the best deal you can get.

Photo credit: Sonos

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