Some sets of OnePlus 7 Pros are not responding to the touch input I the corners and the fix is being processed

Published on June 4, 2019

There is a ghost’s torch issue in some sets of the OnePlus 7 pros. There is also a new touchscreen issue in the meantime. There is a portion on the top of the screen of the phone where the touch response is not at all working, and the input is rejected over there. Thus, this device as led the resentment of the people in a huge extent as this was not something that was expected from the set. One of the units of Android police has also been affected by the issue.

Image Courtesy: Digital Trends

This has been the case as some applications make the use of the top corners for UI elements like those of the menus, in-app navigation, submission of the content, etc. This is what that makes it difficult to use them correctly. The renowned brand with such a big name is now facing a great deal of difficulty to cope up with the difficulty of the people. The bug is now in the process of fixation, and people are looking forward to the correction of the issue that has taken place.

The issues were demonstrated in twitter by many renowned handles. This has been the reason for the outrage of the people from different corners of the world.  This time, the set happened to ruin all the image it had for the people. There are people in huge masses regretting over making the purchase. There are a handful of folks who claimed to agree with the issue as they are also going through the same issue. A great move is now taken by the company so that the issue of resentment with the people can be compensated.

One of the reports states that such an issue can be sorted with a single restart at that point of time. This is one of the temporary solutions to the issue. But this can just not be done all the time. The lack of the response of the corner of the phone to the touch inputs is a huge issue to be concerned about. The effect of the bug is alone enough to give a bad experience to the users for dealing with the insane issue of dealing with being responded.

The one plus also made comments on Twitter due to the posts which were made. Their statement showed the immense regret they had for the massive issue that led to their customer’s resentment and outrage. They have taken the step to fix the issue. Their statement state that the reports of these people have reached to them, and there will be a software update provided so that the issue can be resolved. They stated that recently they would provide the fixation of the bug caused to the people who have been going through the issue. The affected ones are being provided with the fixation of the particular issue. There is a post where a person shows a screenshot is tapped on and there is no mere response observed.

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