Snapchat returns to reverse chronological order again

Published on April 9, 2018

Earlier this year, Snapchat ended up redesigning its photo-sharing platform. Much to the surprise of the Snapchat officials, the users did not take well to the new design. In fact, the change also caused the platform to stir up controversy. As can be recalled, the famous social networking platform made the headlines a couple of months back. Snapchat accusing of throwing users for a loop with its decision to show ‘Stories’ in an algorithmically different feed. Before the changes made by them, Snapchat was home to a chronological design as far as their ‘Stories’ feature was concerned. The users took to their respective social media platforms to post complaints about the changes. They even demanded the old Snapchat to bringing back. However, at that time – Snapchat went on to state that they won’t be bringing any changes to the platform.

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Now, it appears that the officials at Snapchat have had a change of heart. It seems like the photo-sharing platform will finally be listening to its user’s grievances. The company is reportedly rolling back the redesign. The changes are limited to a few users at the moment. Instead of showcasing Snapchat ‘Stories’ in an algorithmic format, the application is back to featuring the same in reverse chronological order again. As can be recalled, Snapchat brought about changes to its platform earlier this year. When they ended up bringing the changes, Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel wrote, “We are separating the social from the media, and taking an important step forward towards strengthening our relationships with our friends and our relationships with the media.” The primary objective of Snapchat’s latest move was to be able to offer its user base a personalized set of content. The main idea was to ensure that the users are having a convenient time on the platform. However, the creators were not successful at achieving at what their visions were as such.

It appears that the company has finally decided to take things back. The report originally appeared on Tech Crunch, wherein some folks were seeing the reverse chronological ordering of ‘Stories.’ The changes, it seems, were made to both the versions of the application. The platform ended up sporting both, ‘Stories’ as well as the ‘Chat’ tabs. The difference showed up regarding design in the ‘Stories’ as well as the rest of the Tabs. The main problem as far as the reverse chronological ordering is that it automatically provides an advantage to its users.

Individuals who are frequent Snapchat users gain the benefit of the algorithmic sorting. “The issue with reverse chronological ordering is that it automatically gives the advantage to users who are frequent Snapchat users. And the benefit to algorithmic sorting is that it has historically helped with social media platforms’ growth,” an online report reads. For instance, technology platforms Instagram and Twitter went on to implement this type of sorting technique. While Instagram has been touting that it has taken over Snapchat as far as the popularity among users is concerned; they have indeed. However, after Snapchat implemented algorithmic sorting, the social media platform saw the growth numbers increase.

Snapchat is working toward keeping the people satisfied. They have reportedly emphasized that it is their top-most priority to keep their consumers happy. In fact, this undertaking should be a norm on any of the technology giants. However, as an increasing number of social media applications start gaining relevance, the older ones lose their charm. The same can be seen taking place with Snapchat and whether this little change will help them go back to glory days or not, is something time will tell.

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