A smart wearable for $99 that plays GIFs

Published on December 15, 2017

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. All possible products – be it your mobile phone or your watch, are technologically engineered. Unique innovations are being called upon in the market each day. Start-ups are coming up with creative products that help in the process of making things convenient. Similarly, a company that goes by the name of BEAM Authentic has put forward one of its product.

BEAM Authentic

Technology brand that goes by the name of BEAM Authentic has launched a unique product in the market. Described by the company as a self-titled product, it allows users to broadcast customised messages, logo and even GIFs for that matter. The magnetic attachment is powered by a battery and sports an AMOLED screen.

According to The Verge, the digital brooch features a 400 x 400 AMOLED display with ambient light. The device packs accelerator sensors along with a magnetic attachment and a function button as well. The company claims that the digital jewellery can last for over 24 hours, as it consists of “100 BEAM” capacities.

The device is available for a starting price of $99 on the company’s official website. Interested purchasers will also be required to download the official BEAM Authentic app, which is free of cost. This will allow them to sync the digital brooch with other services on Google Play.

The company says that if you purchase this product on their official website, then three dollars of the purchase will go towards a charity of choice between Amnesty International and We.org. Individuals can charge the smart wearable button, using a Micro USB port. The device attaches to the help of a magnet. This eliminates the need to break a hole in your jacket or top.

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BEAM Authentic
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