Skagen announces Falster 2 officially

Published on September 7, 2018

The Danish-inspired lifestyle brand Skagen has officially announced its new newest addition to the smartwatch portfolio. The name of the new smartwatch is Falster 2.

This new smartwatch will be coming with the same minimalist design that approaches as the award-winning predecessor called as Falster. Falster was debuted in January 2018 at CES. Now the all-new Falster 2 will be offering more in when it comes to the available features which are without the sacrificing of the pared-down, life-simplifying ethos of the original.

According to FrederikThrane, who is the creative director of Skagen, the Falster 2 usually represent Skagen which stands for the design-focused products that are beautiful as well as functional for the way people live. There is an appreciation of the simplicity along with the thoughtful approach to give the time that is spent which are key elements in the Danish way of life as well as we can capture them in the smartwatches which are through the minimalist execution as well in a very customizable function.

The subtle updates have been said to be given to the Falster’s design. It includes the new minimalist, battery-saving watch dials along with the addition of the two programmable pushers that allow the users more personalized functionality along with the quick access to the favourite apps.

The case in which it will come is waterproof so the users can wear it during the swimming as well as can track the workouts of the swimming. They can also hand poolside or go into the shower without any fear of damage to the smartwatch. The Falster 2 will be the one of the only smartwatch present on the market. It comes with the magnetic steel mesh strap with the latest evolution of the brand’s hallmark band material.

The Wear OS will power this smartwatch by Google. It is integrated with the Google Fit that allows the users to prioritize the wellness. The heart rate of the tracked is across the variety of the workouts. Falster has got the feature like GPS. The watch too has got the integrated NFC technology which will allow the users to make the hands free payments which will be via the Google Pay who can access by participating with the public transit system that they generally use.

It can also protect all the sensitive account information that is protected by the user-set lock code which will prevent the data that can identify the theft in case you lost the watch, or it gets stolen.

The other features that include are function based dials for quick access, notifications, customized watch faces, activity tracking and many more other features.

This new smartwatch will be arriving on 12th September 2018.

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