Should you invest in an iPhone 7 in 2020?

Published on June 2, 2020

In the year 2020, Apple came up with its iPhone 7, which was on top of the sales chart in the year. Over time, it became one of the best-selling iPhones that ever hit the market. However, some people wait for the newer iPhone models to be released so that they can afford the older models. So, if you, too, are one of them, and are planning to invest in an iPhone 7 today, we suggest you weigh your choice with both of your eyes open. To tell you the truth, the handset is no longer officially sold by Apple. So, in this article, we’ll tell you about all that iPhone 7 is capable of in the year 2020, and where can you buy it at the most affordable rates.   

iPhone 7 – What made it so different? 

On the annual event of Apple conducted on 7th September 2016, Apple launched the iPhone 7 along with the iPhone 7 Plus, which was a larger version of the phone. This Plus model of iPhone was unique and one of a kind back in the day. It had a telephoto lens and a dual-camera, which enabled it to blur the background and take portrait pictures. It is known as the bokeh effect. Moreover, as for the iPhone 7, it was the first-ever Apple handset that gave up on the headphone jack, which was back then a mandatory in-let in all smartphones. That followed as a result of the revolutionary launch of the Apple EarPods, which came along with the Lightning connector. 

Another distinguishing feature included in the iPhone 7 was the IP67 certification. This certification states that the device is protected against the water and dust. So, that meant you could let your iPhone fall in a bathtub or a toilet, and it would work fine irrespective. Sonya, a  TFTH  associate recalls an incident stating that she clearly remembers how while cleaning once she dropped her iPhone in the bucket, and boom it worked just fine and was a lot cleaner  

Another first related to the iPhone 7 was that the Home Button, which was no longer mechanized. There was now a digitized version of it, which gave away haptic feedbacks and varied in terms of sensitivity. Rhea, an associate with an online homework providing company who can  help me do my homework,  says that though the iPhone 7 was available in 256 GB, 128 GB, and 32 GB capacities, it is always better to opt for either 128 or 256 GB storage models because that way you can save more pictures and videos. Moreover, the glossy jet-black variant of the iPhone 7 had a definite hype about it. However, when the buyers found out that it was a paint, which was wearing out at an exceedingly fast rate, the demand for the jet-black color saw a higher decline than the hype that it had initially created. Also, if the camera is not an issue, you can certainly settle for iPhone 7 over the Plus model because apart from the camera, the two have only marginal differences except in the price (where the former is pricier).  

Will you still get the updates? 

The iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus came in with iOS 10 OS. This included a redesigned lock screen, which certainly did not please several Apple fans. It is so because it was the first time that Apple eliminated its traditional method of unlocking, which was, of course, the slide to unlock option. Since, then every iPhone model that followed came with a similar unlock feature, wherein you could unlock either by pressing onto the Home Button (Touch ID) or by swiping the lock screen upwards (which happened in the iPhone X and the newer models). With iOS 10, there was also an introduction of the Home app. So, that meant that one, your camera could easily be accessed even when your screen is locked by swiping the screen towards the left, and Siri would open up and work with a 3rd party software. 

So, coming to the primary question: Yes, the latest software version of iOS 13 is available for easy download and installation in both iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus model. This newer OS did come up with a bunch of newer features, which comprise of the new login option, wherein you can log in with your Apple ID, as an alternative to your Facebook or Google login. Sam, an online educator who offers the  best front end web development course  online, says that he’s still using the iPhone 7 and is thrilled that the latest updates from OS 13, like the Dark Mode are available for him, and that’s the reason he always chooses to stick to Apple over Android. If the dark mode is activated, then according to the time, the iOS interface will by-default change to black or grey whenever it is required. In May 2020, there were 5 more minor updates, which came with iOS 13, which included newer emojis, and the option of sharing the folder on iCloud, and more. Eric, an online reviewer who recently did a  ThanksForTheHelp Review,  says that he was deeply impressed by the Exposure Notification API via which the contact tracing apps are used to better deal with the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Now, you can be assured that whenever Apple comes with the iOS 14 (and following), you’ll be getting those updates too. 

How much does it cost in 2020? 

 As far as the availability and the pricing of the iPhone 7 models is concerned, it is mostly variable. Since this phone is no longer sold by Apple, buyers will have to look for some alternatives. Dave, an online professional working with  EduWorldUSA,  says that he recently purchased an iPhone 7 from the reseller, and that backed him a massive discount. You can also get a refurbished or a second-hand device, which includes the devices that have either been used before or have been unboxed and then were returned for reasons best known to the previous owners. If you check on Amazon, you’ll see that these devices come with an Amazon Renewed Guarantee. So, this means that Amazon gives you an added layer of protection by offering a one-year guarantee on these products. However, when you do buy a refurbished handset immediately check the battery health, it should be a minimum of 97%. So, you can check the price on Amazon, and make your buy.   

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