Sega releases teaser for next week, find out what it is

Published on January 14, 2018

Sega has got something up its sleeves, or that is what can be interpreted on the basis of its recent actions. The game developer is apparently working towards the unveiling of something exciting. They even posted a teaser for the same on their official Twitter account. The game developer took to Twitter to post an image of what appears to be a light bulb. The image consists of text, “16th January,” therefore, it is being assumed that Sega plans on launching something relating to the bulb on January 16th, which is as early as next week.

Sega releases teaser for next week; find out what it is

According to a report published by PC Gamer, “Two Point Studios tweeted back in November (2017) that it would unveil its new project on January 16 of this year – and Two Point Studios, as everyone might already know, has a publishing partnership with Sega.” If we make use of common sense and try and connect the dots, it all seems pretty straightforward.

The teaser is especially interesting as the studio itself was founded by Mark Webley, the co-founder of Lionhead Studios and Gary Carr, the creative director of Lionhead Studios. The team is especially powerful as not only does it consist of numerous veterans of the revered Lionhead game developer and its predecessor, Bullfrog Productions, but even Sega is involved.

We have no information regarding what exactly the nature of this project is. However, Two Point’s Twitter page reads that they are “making SIM games,” citing both Theme Park as well as a Theme Hospital. This is further confirmed as USPTO trademark filing for both were even spotted recently. Nonetheless, there is no way of knowing for sure what to expect until early next week at least, even though a Theme Hospital successor seems highly likely.

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Sega releases teaser for next week; find out what it is
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