Samsung has violated Huawei patent, orders Chinese court

Published on January 12, 2018

Huawei way back in 2016 filed a lawsuit against Samsung in China as well as the U.S. for “allegedly infringing on multiple wireless communication patents,” a report by Engadget reads. After over two years, a Shenzhen judge has decided that Samsung is guilty of the charge.


The court has ordered the South Korean technology giant to stop selling any products that might be carrying the technology, whose idea originally belongs to Huawei. The judge found Samsung as violating the patent filed by Huawei. Furthermore, they will even be required to pay a small court fee, for the same.

For those who may think that Samsung is having an easy way out of this by merely paying a small fee and stopping the sale of its products, think again. Many might not know, but this is ideally the first step of the on-going sage, which will continue through the years.

The lawsuit filed by Huawei initially requested a cross-licensing deal with Samsung for the monetary damages or any other form of injunctions that might end up taking place. In response, Samsung said that they weren’t going to comply with the demands made by Huawei because they believed they were not guilty. Following which, Huawei subsequently sued Samsung in two other cities in China.

Things began escalating sometime last April wherein the Quanzhou Intermediate People’s Court decided that Samsung was found guilty of copyright infringing. The South-Korean technology giant was thus ordered to pay Huawei $11.6 million in damages. In response, Samsung made a statement, suggesting that they would be reviewing the decision and determining an appropriate response to the same. “In response to its latest blow, Samsung said in a statement that it would review the decision and determine an appropriate response,” notes Engadget.

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Samsung has violated Huawei patent, orders Chinese court
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