Samsung Unveils MicroLED 4K TV, ‘The Wall’

Published on January 17, 2019

Samsung has been long known to produce incredible, intuitive and revolutionizing gadgets. The company collaborates with top-rated engineers and technicians, which allows it to produce innovative technology solutions. The brand has been working on the microLED technology. Last year, the brand launched the great microLED TV, which measured 75 in and was commonly referred to as “The Wall.” But recently they have introduced a customer friendlier microLED 4k TV.

This Samsung TV with MicroLED as its foundation is a great addition to the television market. The competitor companies have been trying to outclass this revolutionary TV since its release. With crisp and natural brightness, this Samsung MicroLED TV can be used in homes for a high quality cinematic experience.

It is made without the use of any organic compounds, and features millions of blue, green and red microscopic LED chips. These chips give off their own glow to generate luminous colors on the screen. The microLED TV has an exceptionally-broad HDR color palette requiring no burn-in.

With no organic rudiments, this astonishing technology is sure to promise a much longer life-span than organic LED panels. The problem with organic LEDs is that they undergo natural degradations, ultimately decreasing their life.

This revolutionizing Samsung microLED TV is a bit expensive due to its meticulous manufacturing. The RGB-sub pixels in this microLED, which are abundant in quantity, have to be placed cautiously to avoid any harm to the TV. Even if one of these gets placed inaccurately, this whole system gets damaged.

Final Thoughts

The extremely-thin microLED TV is a breakthrough discovery in the world of modern technology. Since, there’s no backlight required, the display is incredibly thin. It is durable and comes with innovative features to guarantee a crystal clear picture and crisp sound.

Photo credit: Samsung

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