Samsung phones to feature active FM radio chips: Report

Published on January 11, 2018

Samsung is reportedly collaborating with Next Radio with the objective to pack up its devices with active FM chips. The South Korean technology giant in an effort to revive the FM Radio generation, is going to pack its future devices in Canadian and U.S. markets with active FM Radio chips.

Samsung phones to feature active FM radio chips- Report

As noted by The Verge, there won’t be any hardware changes as such. FM Radio users will receive the same experience as they do presently. The unique part about Samsung’s latest move is that not all manufacturers have activated this particular functionality.

The report by Verge further details about more background information about Next Radio. The company is apparently a broadcaster-backed application, which actively works with smartphones that already consist of FM chips. The list of companies that Next Radio has already worked with includes Motorola, LG, and HTC to name a few. The company works towards allowing users to listen to local radio stations, sans a lot of data and battery usage.

When smartphone users try to connect to the radio through applications, it pretty much ends up eating through both, the device’s battery and internet data. Apart from catering to the nostalgia requirement of users, FM radio broadcasts are pretty life-saving especially in the times of emergency as important information is ideally communicated through radio waves since years now. If the mobile internet is down, one would still receive radio access through their smartphones. This sure is a valuable addition to any smartphone in a modern time like ours.

The FCC has specifically asked Apple to activate the hidden FM Radio feature on their devices, with the intention to cater to public safety. The Cupertino giant in response, have stated that their latest versions don’t actually contain the chip. Older smartphones already consist of enough number of safety features.


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