Samsung Galaxy S11 Latest Leaks, Design and Updated Camera

Published on September 17, 2019

The latest announcement of Galaxy Note 10 and of Note 10 plus by Samsung will soon be made on the market with Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Samsung’s Galaxy S10e. However, even with all the flagships, some people don’t stop thinking about the next big release of Samsung.

The Galaxy S11 is already rumored–if that is what Samsung is going to call the flagship phone for next year. Right now, the main speculation focuses on whether the next phone offers features that are not offered by Note 10.

The launch of the S11 may be one year away, but the Samsung plan for the flagship next year is already being discussed. So far, this is what we heard.

Latest Leaks about Samsung Galaxy S11

  • Samsung announced that the 108MP camera sensor has been started to be produced, and Xiaomi is working on it. It is unknown if it is ready for use with the S11.
  • Samsung announced that it is starting manufacturing 108MP camera sensor for Xiaomi. It is not known if it will be used in the S11.
  • Snapdragon 865 has leaked with benchmarks. The upcoming mobile processor from Qualcomm will be featured in the Galaxy S11.
  • Note 10 in the Galaxy S10 this Spring with many of the same camera hardware, the Isocell Bright GW1 64 megapixel sensor seems now more likely to be adopted by the S11.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Release Date

A few days before this year’s Mobile World Congress trade fair in Barcelona, Samsung had the product launch in San Francisco for the S10. The previous year, as did Galaxy S7 in 2016, S9 had its debut during MWC. In 2018 the Galaxy S8 was unveiled, a full month following the major smartphone show in Spain. It was the only exception.

Does that pattern take you away? The mobile World conference is a good indicator that, although this event will not happen at the show themselves, Samsung is ready to unveil a new phone. Probably in the last week of February, if you want the Galaxy S11 countdowns now, Moodle International Congress 2020 will be held.

Galaxy S11 Display is a Full Screen

It was a dream to have an open-ended edge-to-edge display that allows a front-face camera to be placed in front of the display without the use of an out-and-out camera. And according to rumors from South Korea, Samsung might be nearest to doing it.

It’s no wonder Samsung is working on this — nearly all mobile manufacturers are relentlessly pinching their way towards this objective and the Samsung’s display would definitely be the first device to conquer it. The true subject is if such development with the Galaxy S11 can be expected or not. It’s way too soon to presume that we’re going to maintain your gaze pulled up by the end of 2019 for updates.

5G Qualcomm Chip

Qualcomm discussed the future of its 5G chips at the 2019 Mobile World Congress. The enterprise intends in the future to integrate the existing 5G modem in its mobile processor.

Cristiano Amon, president of Qualcomm said the technology would move to equipment next year. And Samsung’s flagship chip is already committed to using it.

According to Qualcomm, the additional power-efficient combination chip would allow the battery to last longer for phones like the Galaxy S11. And since only one chip will be present on the smartphone, it would allow Samsung to streamline the design of its smartphone and maybe make it smarter.

Snapdragon 865 in Galaxy S11

While talking about Qualcomm, don’t forget that the Galaxy S line-up is generally the first with the latest mobile processor Snapdragon. The Snapdragon 865 is likely if Qualcomm follows its standard enumeration rules. In December, Qualcomm will generally inform its new processer of what that could mean for the efficiency and energy use for Galaxy S11. The Galaxy S10 and Note 10 can be handled with Snapdragon 855 after the big Android flagships of 2018 are handled by the Snapdragon 845.

Logically, you have to expect a hint at what the new Qualcomm chip can expect until the end of the year. In August the results for something called Qualcomm Kona were reported in leaked samples on Genekbench and showed a multicore 12,946 results.

The Bionic Apple chapter— currently the mobile-processor settings — counted 11,515 scores when we tested the XS Max on the iPhone in order to put that number into perspective. The 865 Snapdragon, which would make the S11 faster than present-day iPhone, would be Qualcomm Kona. While iPhone 11 will probably have a new A13 processor that will set a new performance bar next month.

Improved Camera

It is hard to underestimate the Galaxy Note 10 camera with the very same3-lens configuration implemented previously this year with Samsung’s S10 lineup. (Note 10 Plus does add a flight-time sensor, but on the Galaxy S10 5 G you will find the same feature.) However, the Galaxy S11 can be more effective on the picture quality. In May Samsung published the latest Isocell solid GW1 image sensor, which is designed to assist the 48-megapixel sensor in the Huawei P30 professional. Samsung Inc. Samsung developed an ultra-thin optical 5xzoom camera module that same month, reports from Korea claimed that it would improve the 2x zoom in the current camera phones of Samsung.

The first images shot were reportedly promising with the image sensor. While leafy Ice Universe is compressed to post on Twitter, the picture remains detailed on the windows of the building. The sensor would produce a photo of 9.216x 6.912 pixels in normal lighting conditions.

In August, the 108MP camera was unveiled that was designed together by Xiaomi and Samsung. The Bright HMX sensor of Isocell is based on technology comparable to the Isocell Bright GW1 of 64MP. While there is an indication that the S11 will have a great step forward in Twitter’s Ice Universe leaker camera technology, right now we can’t be sure whether this means that either of these super experimental sensors is being used or that the technology isn’t ready to release by the early 2020 date.

This is what we have heard so far about Galaxy S11 so far. Stay tuned for more details and leaks about Samsung’s latest flagship.

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Samsung Galaxy S11 Latest Leaks, Design and Updated Camera
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