Samsung Galaxy Note 8 gets a VPN added with the latest update

Published on December 5, 2017

Samsung is the brand which remains in headlines for launching new updates to its smartphones. In this coverage, we will tell how you can get a free inbuilt VPN for your Note 8 just by installing the latest update launched by the company. The company has added a new feature to the phablet which is unique for the Galaxy Note 8. That feature is a well known one, but it is new for the Note 8 smartphones. The feature is Galaxy J’s “Secure Wi-Fi” which promises secure and private browsing even if the phone is connected to an unencrypted Wi-Fi network.

Samsung Note 8

Some of the users might be thinking that how this can be helpful for all standard users of Galaxy Note 8, the feature prevents your search from cyberbullying or prevents you from doing a secure search which cannot be traced by any kind of technical hack. There are many questions which have been raised about the recent KRACK vulnerability that even secures the encrypted networks, especially those using the WPA2 protocols. To get rid of this kind of encryption and hacks, use of a VPN or Virtual Private Network is the best one.

VPN has now taken a significant role in official and personal use. Nowadays companies give a separate VPN to all its employees to work under the office roof or out of the office complex to maintain privacy. With Galaxy Note 8 the user will get an inbuilt VPN which will serve as the best prevention over spying or hacking.

Samsung’s Secure Wi-Fi, powered by McAfee is serving as a complimentary VPN for various Samsung users, and this is how the company is enhancing the security level. This free VPN offered by Samsung is not entirely complimentary, for a limit of 250 MB per month and for an unlimited 24-hour coverage you need to pay 0.99 EUR ($1.20). A monthly subscription will cost you 1.99 EUR ($2.40).

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