Samsung Galaxy Fold Redesigned: Here’s what the company has worked on!

Published on September 9, 2019

Korean Smartphone maker Samsung has actually worked hard over their first foldable smartphone. The company has already launched the smartphone in the last year when the launch wasn’t that much happening. The company tried to make it the most happening smartphone ever.

The company has now worked over the hardware and structure of the phone which was actually the most disappointing point in the first foldable smartphone. Samsung has redesigned the smartphone to make it more durable and attractive.

Image Credit: Pocket Lint

Some of the major working by the company on this first foldable smartphone is the metallic structure of the phone with two clips one on the other connecting edge while one on the lower. Now the smartphone will also be equipped with a 5G connectivity and better user experience.

Samsung’s first foldable smartphone would cost at least $1980 which is supposed to be price tag-efficient to push back the users from buying this high priced gadget. Now the folding and unfolding of the smartphone will not be that much observable.

The company has also placed a screen protector over the screen which is almost invisible rather protecting the screen from all major sections. The company has actually worked on the point of strength of the smartphone which was the only point where the earlier launch of Galaxy Fold failed.

The previous variant of Galaxy Fold had a layer of the metal supporting a cushiony layer and then at the top portion of the display. This adds a sense of security in the smartphone as well as a catchy look at the corners of the dual-screen.

And it has been out now that the company is not introducing the 5G technology in the United States while this could be expected for the launch in other countries like India.

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