Samsung Galaxy Fit Review – Is this the Best Fitness Tracker Around?

Published on September 29, 2019

Samsung is one of the pioneers and global leaders in the manufacturing of smart devices which are good for everyone. Whenever Samsung present some product, it becomes a huge success in the market. The same is the case with its all-new Samsung Galaxy Fit. Fitness products are a new genre of smart devices which have come a long way in helping out the people from all walks of life. These smart fitness devices are very handy in monitoring all sorts of activities round the clock. The data collected from these devices can be analysed. It also is helpful in tracking down the upcoming health dangers to the users. From walking activities, running and during sleep, the devices can track all the major aspects regarding different health parameters.

Why Samsung Galaxy Fit? 

Samsung has produced so many stunning and useful smart devices over the years that there is no doubt that it are the world leader. The products by Samsung are very reliable and ahead of time. The company has the tendency to produce high-end devices that do not disappoint the users, whether it is the design or practicality of use. It is also the trendsetter and introduces a lot of new technologies that become the industry standard with the passage of time. Some times because of this reason the products be Samsung are tend to be a little high in price but worth each penny. The same is the case with its all-new the Galaxy Fit, which has a price of $99.99, but it offers a lot of uses and immensely valuable.

Everyday Tracker

It can track all the activities like step count, distance, etc. It helps to monitor the response of the different organs of the body and track the heart rate, and sleep with pinpoint accuracy. Its eye-catching design is sleek, stylish and very practical in use. The user can wear it with ease almost every day all the time without any limits. One is in daily routine work or a gym; it can stay in any condition. The device has a very smooth interface, and all the data can be collected and analyzed by its soft wares very easily. The battery life is so good and can last up to one week in stand by mood. Samsung claims it to be an entry-level fitness tracker, but the presentation is of professional level.


The Galaxy Fit seems to be looking like other Samsung tracking devices but has a lot of improvements in its size and practicality. The looks are resembling the Samsung’s Gear Fit2 Pro but are more compact with its aluminium case which measures only 1.70 x 0.72 x 0.44 inches. It can fit any wrist size and look very stylish indeed. Its elegant designs weigh only 0.8 ounces which makes it very light and comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Fit has been introduced in just two different colors. The stone black and silver are the main colors that are very attractive with black silicone and white wristbands respectively.


The Fit is equipped with the latest industry-standard AMOLED color display that measures only 0.95 inches. The small size is large enough to show the multiple statistics on one go. It has a resolution of 240 by 120 pixels, and the content looks very clear and vibrant. The whole unit is water-resistant up to 5ATM, so it is very safe to wear it in the shower or during swimming.

Technical Stats 

The Fit is designed with a very reliable MCU Cortex M33F processor. Furthermore, there is an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a heart rate monitor. The operating system runs in the real-time OS, that’s made is compatible with both the Android and iOS. The users can connect the calls and also the SMS pop up on the screen, which is very helpful in everyday use. In busy times one can set the by default massages or user-defined to reply automatically to the incoming calls or SMS.

The Interface

The Fit’s interface is very smooth and easy to navigate, which shows all the main features be default or selected. The top of the screen shows the different symbols for the indicated or allocated monitoring systems like a heartbeat, step count and battery status. To navigate with the different alerts, one needs to swipe the screen right or left. The power and wake up button is on the left side and users can choose from so many different modes of uses like setting the brightness, phone finder, swimming mode, do not disturb mood, etc.

Data Analysis by Software

The package comes with the supporting software, which helps to collect and process the data. The different variety of widgets indicates so many different parameters in all the day activities even can monitor the sleep modes. The stress widget monitors the stress levels throughout the day and helps to fine-tune the working conditions for and individual. Additional options include caffeine intake, calendar, calories burned, heart rate, steps, stopwatch and timer, and water intake.

Battery life and Accuracy

The battery life, according to Samsung the Galaxy Fit can last up to seven days depending on usage thanks to its 120mAh battery. The Galaxy Fit is no doubt on of the best device with the accuracy standard, which is so solid in performance. It can automatically count the different scenarios of walking running and sleep. For indoor and outdoor, the main difference comes with measurements like walking fast or slowly. The Galaxy Fit’s heart rate monitor is also very accurate. As the unit runs on a live operating system, it measures the heart rate with almost zero errors and alerts in over work conditions. It also monitors the sleep cycle very accurately and can differentiate the different sleep patterns, and users can see a graph of sleep stages like REM, light, and deep sleep.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit is, no doubt the need of every person to keep fit.

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Samsung Galaxy Fit Review - Is It Best Fitness Tracker?
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