Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro With Same Infinity-O Display

Published on January 28, 2019

You all are well aware of the Samsung smartphone from its features and to the great specification. There is no doubt that Samsung is doing tough for getting on the higher position in the market. Samsung is the brand which includes(contributes) many of the gadgets into the market but the maximum number of focus goes just for its smartphone and the great feature which it has. Today there is getting great leaks and reports of the best and featured smartphone which is going to be launched by Samsung in coming weeks, which is the Samsung Galaxy S10, yes the foldable smartphone by Samsung of which you must have read about. This smartphone is one of the best and has complete set a mark of competition for other smartphones as well.

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With all this one interesting thing which Samsung always meant to share is that with the launch of the high flagship in the market it parallelly launch another mid-range smartphone which looks somehow same with the high-end flagships. This step by Samsung is somehow great because when a user wich to buy the best design flagship and it is more expensive by then they can afford, they can clearly go for the mid-range smartphone by Samsung, therefore, the smartphone which matches the design of Samsung Galaxy S10 and comes with a normal price tag is the great Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro.

This smartphone is one of the great mid-range smartphones because it also features the same Infinity-O ‘hole-punch’ screen which Samsung’s flagship has and with this, it will not have a single doubt with the screen design because the Infinity-O ‘hole-punch’ screen is the latest in the market. This smartphone gives a lot more because it gives a great tri-camera setup on the rear side of the smartphone and a single camera on the left-side hole punch, which has the config. of 2.4-megapixel.

By the reports, we also came to know that Samsung’s concept of Infinity-O display is the perfect answer which can be given to iPhones Notch type screen and you can see in the leaked images how O-display look like. Yes, adding this it gives the full-screen display which looks amazing and helpful to users as well. Samsung Galaxy A9 will be known for the first smartphone in the market with a four rear camera setup.

In the last two years, Samsung was not leading in the market with the launch of a great featured smartphone but now Samsung has made it clear and doing great with this by launching a completely fully-featured smartphone with a great display as well and that too at a mid-range price. This will do nothing but it was a great step and answers to the leading Chinese smartphone brand such as Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Honor as well because these smartphone brands are the one which gives great featured smartphone in the market and that too at a very low price. Many features are still not out about the smartphone and it is expected that Samsung will unveil all the feature next month in the Mobile World Congress.

As some features which were leaked about the Samsung Galaxy S10 is that the base model will have a 6.1-inch display and with three cameras whereas the topmost model which is the S10+ will have a 6.8-inch display which is somehow large and will be amazing. Not only the bigger screen size but also it will have four cameras. Whereas these two were the basic and top-most model with this Samsung reported that it will launch a new variant which will be named as Galaxy S10 E which will give a 5.8-inch of screen size which will be same as the iPhone’s new model named as Apple iPhone XR.

Therefore the same design smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro, will surely have three cameras on the rear side with the config as, one main camera will have the 24-megapixel lens, the other lens is of 10-megapixel which will be used for telephoto camera and the third camera is of the 10-megapixel lens.

Not only this, the major specification which it shares is that it has a 6 GB of RAM and with a high storage option of 128 GB which is somehow amazing. The price at which this device will be available to you will be somehow around $535.

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