Samsung CRG9 Review: An Ultimate Gaming Monitor So Far

Published on September 21, 2019
Samsung CRG9 Review: An Ultimate Gaming Monitor So Far

Samsung CRG9: Image Source

Technology is adding miraculous things every day in its phenomenal addition with the pros and cons for sure. 21st century generation is really occupied by the technological spree of mobiles, video games etc. Samsung, Huawei and Apple are upgrading their technologies amazingly. Samsung CRG9 is also one of the amazing collaborations from Samsung in this world full of spectacular technologies.

Display of Samsung CRG9

It is having a display of 49-inches Dual QHD curved QLED Gaming Monitor.  Its display is equal to two 27-inch QHD displays side by side which will surely immerse you in an ocean of details. It is a glorious product as a gaming monitor. Samsung CRG9 is for sure having a gorgeous piece of a screen which is a plus point in its phase as well as it provides the glimpse of like that of HDR 1000 which is pretty much imitating. For gaming, there is a need to have an excellent piece of gaming PC to run this product. Its resolution specifications are 5120*1440 as well as the provision of HDR 1000 which will surely attract the customers to its usage irrespective of the high price-tag of it.

Price of CRG9

Samsung CRG9 price tag is different from region to region. Currently it is available in USA and UK. It is expected that it would be available in Australia in October. Here is the list of the prices according to the countries in which Samsung CRG 9 is available

  • $1499
  • £1249
  • AU$2499

As we see the technology is surely expensive so is the Samsung CRG9. It is a product which really suits the people of money where it is just a new way of enjoying the fun of technology. Its all in all your based on your interest to the purchases that where you will for your own interest.

Samsung CRG9 is a QLED panel with its highest level of brightness which is 1,000 nits and it is highly an enjoying product when it comes to the size of the product. Its performance is an immense experience of pleasure. Samsung CRG9 is a bigger product as earlier described and if you are selecting it for your use then you are going to add a product of around the height of your own self which is around 4 feet. This is more about your own settlement around and here you will witness a product of absolute beauty on your desk. Power button will Samsung CRG9 on and then you would have a choice to decide from four of the directions for selection. Three buttons will provide you the information about the product and the fourth one about the picture options. Its refresh rate is 120 Hz as well as with a response time of 4 Ms. Samsung CRG9’s coverage support is 125% sRGB.

Its all in all depends on choice but its for sure that the product will not surely attract all of the customers around and there would be many where Samsung CRG9 would not be having much worth. Because the situation is pretty much different from the price-tag too where you do not have to drop only a huge price but you would have to have a powerful PC too. It is to handle the situation of this huge monitor. It is promising to its availability of desired solutions and then you can only witness the best experience on Samsung CRG9. This is a whole play of desiring choices. PC is having a critical role in playing all in all where if you are thinking to play the newly designed games on the previous PCs then you must also be ready to experience the slowest exposure to it as well where hardware is also a big thing to consider as well.

Gaming Monitor

There are also highly recommendable gaming monitors are available in the market as well but Samsung CRG9 is the best of all in many of the exposures to the technology like that of the differences in QLEDs availability or not. This is all about the monitors available in Samsung CRG9 which make it surpassable to all of the gaming products but it’s all in all about the price otherwise this is an absolute enthusiastic product. Experiencing technology is a fun fact for everyone but to some extent people get imitated by the features of Samsung CRG9 too.

Not everybody can afford to some extent is the reason is its space coverings as well where there is a need of new room like situation to occupy it and then giving space to your ease of play which provides us the absolute source that not everybody around is going in a rush to buy this product. It is for sure that Samsung CRG9 is one of the best gaming monitors experience but its all in all depends on hardware which will vary the choices.

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Samsung CRG9 Review: An Ultimate Gaming Monitor So Far
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