Rumor: Microsoft’s folding Surface Phone to run Andromeda OS

Published on January 1, 2018

Microsoft’s mysterious Surface Phone has been speculated about for over two years now. Each time we think that the Redmond giant might end up launching it, we are proven wrong. It appears like the device has begun gaining mainstream attention again.

Microsoft’s folding Surface Phone

Recent leaks and patents seem to have suggested that Microsoft plans on integrating the foldable display technology with the Surface Phone. The Surface Phone is further speculated to run on Andromeda OS – Microsoft’s proprietary operating system.

According to a report published by Inquistr, the recent patents filed by Microsoft have pointed towards an idea that the company is working on a very powerful, compact and modern-day smartphone that could work as a smartphone, tablet and a laptop – all at the same time. The design revealed through the patents suggest that the electronic device features a special hinge that enables it to transform from one design to another seamlessly. The device also supports a stylus along with a new, feature-rich operating system and a powerhouse machine that could end up being a game-changer in the smartphone market.

Additional reports regarding Microsoft’s effort towards integrating Andromeda OS in its Surface Phone have suggested that it has extended support for apps as well. “A new platform category for the Microsoft Store has appeared, taking its place beside PC, Xbox, HoloLens and other existing Windows platforms.

The new OS, which uses numbers – 8828080 as a placeholder, could very well be referring to the upcoming Andromeda OS,” the report by Inquistr reads. Andromeda OS is also known to the world as OneCore OS. The modern-day operating system is a specialized version of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system and can run on a variety of new smartphones. Since Andromeda OS’ app support has already begun expanding, it appears that the company is already laying a strong groundwork for the highly-anticipated release of Surface Phone.

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Microsoft’s folding Surface Phone
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