Rootless Pixel launcher for non-Google devices arrives at Play Store

Published on August 31, 2018

In the latest development, it is seen that the home screen launchers are now on the popular list. The most recent good launcher is Zaidi’s Rootless Pixel Launcher, which is the version of the Pixel-style launcher3 ported which is for the other devices. The main issue is to keep it updated with the time as the update is only available with the help of the GitHub.

Rootless Pixel, Google, Play Store

Amir Zaidi, has launched this new app that is under the new name, Rootless launched to the Play Store. For this, you also need the Rootless Pixel Bridge which is said to be the companion app that can launch the pull down for you.

If you see it in general, the functionality is said to be the same as that of the Pixel Launcher along with the additions. There is said to be only a couple of real omissions. The Feed seems that it does not pull precisely the way it is in Pixel 2. The Rootless Launcher’s Feed looks alike on the other devices which come with the same upward swipe to access an identical app tray along with the app suggestions present at the top.

Also, one can manually set between some handful of new themes which includes Pixel Launcher’s built-in light as well as dark themes which is even an application like an icon pack. This is the same options that are for changing the icon shape as well as to enable or disable the notification dots along with the home screen rotation which is present. To put it simply, you need to stock the Pixel Launcher experience which is to use a few extra features that are available.

It is seen that this app is not as powerful or as flexible in a configuration which is like Nova Launcher or Action Launcher. If you want then the pure Google look is said to be the reasonably lightweight package which is said to be worth by giving the open source Rootless Launcher. It is now free and also easily available in Play Store. One can download them from APK Mirror also.

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Rootless Pixel, Google, Play Store
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