RHA announces wireless in-ear planar magnetic earphones

Published on August 31, 2018

The Scottish earphones specialists RHA will b launching the first ever wireless in-ear planar magnetic headphones which are dubbing the CL2 Planar.  Glasgow’s RHA now will be introducing the lastest universal fit IEM the CL2 Planar that want to put a 1 cm wide with 10 micrometres thick planar magnetic driver which is present inside an injection, moduled zirconium shell. A flagship earphone with a flagship price €799.95.


The planar magnetic drivers who are favoured by the likes of the audeze, as well as Mr Speakers, are usually known as to be the fast and highly transparent which is due to the inclusion in closed back IEMs which is considered as the less common than dynamic or balanced armature drivers.

As per RHA Marketing Manager Colum Fraser, the combination of the industry-leading off the technology with remarkable materials that are used in the CL2 Planar results in a headphone which is like no other. The miniaturization of the planar magnet technology is said to be a feat of engineering as well as the sound of the generated reflects with this.

The new CL2s will keep the RHA’s familiar look that will exhibit with no outward signs of the new technology which is present inside it. The three cable options are said to be one of them which is being a wireless neckband which has set up with USB-C charging. They look finely polished with the pair of flagship-class earphones which will be coming in the lines in the form of AKG’s $1,000 n5005.

The interior of the earphones is said to be having an ultra-thin 16-micrometre diaphragm which will be present inside the CL2s. It is the part of the most compact planar magnetic driver that has been ever released, which have taken the RHA to four years to develop the same.

The casing in which each of the earbuds will be coming is made up of scratch-proof zirconium dioxide which sounds like the same ceramic material which is used in the RHA’s previous high-end pair, the CL1 Ceramic.

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