Review: The best USB microphone – Blue Yeti X

Published on September 24, 2019
Review: The best USB microphone -Blue Yeti X

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Blue Microphone has already announced the new Yeti X as a well-known brand for high-quality audio. The newly launched Blue Yeti X is around $170 on the market. With the iconic audio quality of Blue, the Yeti X has a number of excellent features like a 4-capsule condenser array, a LED ring for input and output level monitoring and Blue VOICE support to quickly dial in professional sound.

Previous Vs Now Yeti X Microphone

The Yeti X is a stylish USB microphone that has a similar design to the other Yeti microphones and can be mounted on a desk with a substantial service stand. The use of a condenser four capsules instead of the triple capsule in the Yeti is one important difference that is not evident on the outside of the microphone.


Blue is known for its straightforward–elegant design and sound quality. The multifunctional button/dial and LED indicators are located on the front of Yeti X. Different settings can be put to unmute/mute and switched, with headphone quantity and microphone sound versus computer audio. The 3.5 mm output allows you to precisely adjust the sound you want to hear if you want to monitor the sound coming from the microphone.

There is a ring of LED lights around the dial which changes colors based on the adjusted function. Input gain is the primary adjustment. Then the LEDs change color and the headphone volume is adjusted when the button has been depressed by two seconds. This again makes the microphone audio vs. computer audio adjustment when the button is depressed for two more seconds. Each setting contains various colors and icons below to indicate what is being adjusted.

Blue Yeti X Voice Review

Blue supports the Yeti X within the Blue VOICE App–found inside the Logitech G Hub-for gamers, streamers, or casters who want professional audio. With the Voice application, Blue developed several presets and allows you to know how your speech is influenced. You can activate the Blue Voice after you have recorded the sample and open a wide selection of effects. It’s fast and easy to get a professional sound out of your microphone with filters like compressor, gate/expander, and noise reduction. You will see what the sample sounds like in real time with those settings when you play the sample and adjust the settings.

Blue Voice provides a preset for various types of sounds to make things faster. You certainly don’t need AM Radio or Classic Radio Voice; however, settings such as Broadcaster 1 and 2 and High Voice–Loud / Soft are a good base for even more professional sound dialing.

The colors for the button can be set, button lights in all the various settings and four polar patterns can be placed on the back. Color settings can also been adjusted throughout the entire Yeti X via BLUE Voice. If you have a color scheme for your stream, you can easily match it.

Yeti X Blue Voice support is now available in Beta but should be released if the Yeti X is publicly available. Also, it is only available on Windows now, but should be released for macOS.

Sound of Blue Yeti X

Blue created a name of sound quality for itself and this tradition continues with Yeti X. It provides a very natural, professional sound, but furthermore, it is easy to dial in different tones by adding the Blue Voice support. If you create a stream and/or a podcast that can deliver a professional sound quickly and efficiently, the Yeti X will greatly enhance your configuration. It looks a little more common than streamers like HyperX Quadcast this year.

Blue Yeti X for Podcasters & Live Streamers

Blue microphones have for years, mainly thanks to their easy-to-use plugin and play, been popular for Podcasters and Live Streamers. In order to maintain tabs on vocal concentrations in real-time, the new Yeti X has been improved and is available at $169.99 that includes LED metering. With its latest USB mic: the Yeti X, the company’s aim is to create things even easier. A Multifunctional Control Button on the microphone, like earlier Blue phones, does this when you require a change. The new thing is that the same control also works as the mute switch for headphone monitoring and can also be used to control volume.

Star of the Day

The new microphone is nice but Blue’s Voice could be the real star of today’s review! The Blue claims Desktop Audio Suite provides a number of expert sound effects and presets that are “on-stream quality,” too. Presets include broadcasting options, radio voices, and voices for men and women. There are things like vintage, modern and warm and others in the list of effects. Blue Voice can also be used for practical instruments such as limitation, get/expander, compression, de-shooting, EQ, and noise reduction. If you are in that kind of thing, you can also adjust the color of the Yeti X LED light with the app. All this is available on the desktop via the G-HUB Logitech so you don’t make an adjustment with the mid-stream microphone hardware.

What’s more?

Blue also says that the Yeti X will use its Sherpa app to make desktop controls easy to access. This piece of software was originally produced with the Nano Yeti, but works with the Snowball iCE and Yeti Snowball, too. The Yeti X can also fit in with Blue’s Compass boom arm or Radius III shock mount in order to complete any set-up if you need any of those where you plan to record.

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Review: The best USB microphone -Blue Yeti X
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