RetroTech: Hewlett Packard HP-01 1977’s Smartest Watch04:33

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Published on January 26, 2017

HP only made one calculator watch and almost 40 years later it continues to be an amazing, uniquely capable device. Useful Below:
HP01 watches regularly come up on ebay here:
LED Museum (The ultimate HP01 resource)
HP Museum
HP’s own Journal PDF Dedicated to the HP-01
Hodinkee (these are the chaps who suggested it was the first smartwatch – if you disagree, please argue it out with them..I’m merely passing on the info)
Old Argos Catalogues can be found here:
If you like to look at beautiful pictures of LED watches – you’ll like this:
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The manual refers to this symbol using a picture not a word – however it seems to be very important issue to a number of people that I should have referred to this symbol as a Delta rather than a triangle- I can’t change the video now, it’s already been made. It looks like a triangle, so that’s what I called it.

There is one second of audio at the end of this video of bongos that should not be in this video – a number of people think that this is a conspiracy and a way to ‘troll’ them(?!?)…….here’s the true reason that one second of bongo audio is in this video…….. It was an editing error.
Every video starts off with a copy and paste of the previous one to retain the up to date patreon list.
All audio is deleted apart from the intro and outro music.
One second of audio from the previous video was not deleted in error. So that’s it – as always, real life is rarely as exciting as an overactive imagination.

Apparently this is pronounced incorrectly in the video and this really upsets people.

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