Renault to ‘electrify’ Christmas with #SOSBattery for free

Published on December 21, 2017

Automobile manufacturer Renault is expected to bring a significant surprise for its fans in London. The company’s official Twitter account published a tweet recently, that suggested that they plan on electricity the Christmas for Londoners with the launch of its electric car segment, ZOE.

Renault to ‘electrify’ Christmas with #SOSBattery for free

The vehicle will be featuring Renault’s exclusive ‘SOS battery,’ as well. For those who aren’t aware, SOS battery is Renault’s effort towards making the environment healthy. The package of batteries will be accompanied by many other goodies, and are expected to arrive on the day of Christmas, i.e. next week.

As noted by a report by Fleeting Point, most families across London forget to purchase batteries for their children’s toy. Renault is here to save the day. The official @RenaultUK Twitter account stated that #SOSBattery would deploy a driver to deliver a wide range of batteries to any home in London (inside the M25), for free. The families can remain assured that the cells will be delivered without causing any harm to the environment as the delivery personnel’s will be travelling in Renault’s electric ZOE.

As far as Zoe is concerned, the vehicle is an entirely electric automobile. It goes on to feature a five-door super-mini look, and interested purchasers can select between the three trim levels and two battery options. “Renault estimates that in real-world driving conditions this equates to around 186 miles in summer and 124 miles in icy winter conditions. ZOE can charge from zero to 80 percent full in as little as 60 minutes thanks to its patented Chameleon Charger™ that allows it to make the most of the widest range of power supplies and also keep charging times to a minimum,” the official Renault press release reads.

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Renault to ‘electrify’ Christmas with #SOSBattery for free
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