PUBG updated with 3D replay technology

Published on January 2, 2018

Game developers of massively-popular, battle-royale style title, ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ have reportedly introduced a new set of replay tools. As noted by Engadget, these tools provide a qualitative experience in comparison to what takes place before. Before the update, the game simply ran on the standard video-capturing technology.

The report by Engadget goes on to suggest that the newly-introduced 3D replay tools enable players to zoom around the map after a match takes place. Players can even track their own character and follow the movements of their enemies. It is especially helpful in slowing the time down and setting up cinematic shots of their favorite skills if need be.

The cinematic shots can be captured within a radius of 1-kilometer of their characters only. The game’s latest update brings more advanced statistics, which makes it easier for players to understand. Gamers also have a better perspective and a chance to score infinite data point in an easy but exciting manner. It seems like PUBG collaborated with South-Korean Company, Minkonet to get these tools in place.

The official roll-out of these tools took place sometime last month. Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer of Minkonent, Gilbert Kim even came ahead to offer his opinion on the matter. He stated that they are working on more number of additions to the game.

“We’ve been getting a lot of calls and a lot of interest,” he says. “Getting in new games is really competitive, and every feature counts, but we see data capture and replay technology is probably going to be mainstream in the next few years. … I think this is going to unleash new content that’s never been seen before in games, and it’s just starting. It’s just starting right now.” Given PUBG’s massive popularity online, it is an ideal test case for companies like Minkonent. The developers have relentlessly focused on making things better for its consumers and it seems like they are successful at it.

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