PS5 Devkit Photo Leaked

Published on October 21, 2019

A new leaked photo has revealed PlayStation 5 devkit’s design. The leaked photo confirmed the previous sketch leak of the V-shaped patent. Some digital renders confirm its 3D design. LetsGoDigital renders confirmed the manta ray colour, front-facing buttons, impressive ventilation, and USB ports.

No one can argue about the design. The design is magnificent in its way, but no one expected this particular design, as in most cases, the final product varies from their devkits, except Xbox one X. Devkits are meant to push the internal hardware.

Image Credit: Tweak Town

PlayStation 5 is powered by an AMD System-on-Chip(SoC). The station has an octa-core Zen 2 CPU and a highly powerful Navi GPU. The GPU and CPU combination empowers the system to pass the stress test easily. Devs are responsible for the hardware and software optimization and refine the gaming experience and update real-time experience to Sony itself.

The cooling technology is the biggest plus point of PS5. The feature is expected to help the experience while the system is exposed to GPU-intensive features like native 4K or 8K gaming, ray tracing, and high frame rates.

It is still not clear about the specifics of the devkit like many people are considering it as a devkit for PlayStation 5 Pro, while some believe it is meant for the PS5 base model. There is also a possibility of the same devkit for both of the models.

Previously, Sony has confirmed the support of PS4 games on PS5, but there is a possibility that the new PlayStation 5 can play from all previous generations. There is no information on pricing yet.

Sources revealed that Sony’s new PS 5 would be revealed in February 2020 on a special event. Finally, the PS5 will release for public in December 2020- during the holiday period, sources further revealed.

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