and 1Password Join Forces to Let You Create Throw-Away Cards

Published on September 23, 2020
Image Credit: [1Password] and 1Password announced a partnership. This is a service that you can use to create ‘virtual’ credit cards to make online purchase a lot more secure. The coalition sees the integration of’s features capabilities into the family 1Password ecosystem. This gives users an option to generate throwaway debit cards from within a browser windows. All you need is the extension which is available in Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and even Opera. Also, the password manager will be able to store the card’s details that so you can use later easily.

For example, you can create a card specifically for Netflix, and then use it solely for monthly payments to the streaming service. You can also set a spending limit that is programmable. This lets you easily replenished your virtual card’s funds regularly for your subscriptions.

It may be a useful feature to have, but please take note: can only be used in the United States, so, you can only take advantage of it if you’re in this country. 1Password’s announcement hints, though, at expanding into more territories some time in the future. The throw-away card creator has a free tier, and all you have to do is switch on 1Password in your settings if you’ve already got an account.

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