Presentation of New Digital Well-Being Experiments By Google

Published on October 24, 2019

Google has introduced new digital wellbeing experiments like a notification mailbox, unlock clock and even paper phone. In last year Google’s I/O developer conference introduced its digital wellbeing tools for Android. Since then, the Company has expanded the feature that is set to include new options, like Focus mode and better parental controls for families with children.

Image Credit: Tech Crunch

The Company is now trying something new as today only Google has introduced a set of innovative applications. These innovative apps are designed to help users be aware of their device use and reduce their screen time. These applications are very different from your standard screen-time controls. The apps have become a part of the new digital Wellbeing Experiments platform.
The apps are the open-sourced projects that are designed to have out-of-the-box thinking. Many experiments apps have been introduced today; one of the experiments is the Unlock clock. The unlock clock shows you how often you unlock your phone. Another experimental app is We Flip, which lets a group of friend, or a family disconnects from technology altogether by process of flipping a big switch. In We Flip, if anyone unlocks their phone, the session ends for everyone. It makes screen time a competitive family sport.
There are many more apps like Desert Island and Morph, which helps to reduce screen-time. The Post Box app offers to hold your notification until whatever time suits you. The best one is the paper phone app which prints you a custom booklet of the critical information you need the same. It also includes contacts, maps, meetings, tasks, weather, etc.
The new experiment app that has been introduced for the users to play around with new ideas, including its android native wellbeing features, reminders, screen time control, google family link, Gmail automation, and many more.

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