Powerbeats Pro Review: Best Beats Headphones

Published on August 26, 2019

The arrival of new sound beats in a town now, that is Powerbeats pro. It’s a classic innovation in a market that is entirely wireless ear buds. It has quality and competes for the most expensive brand, iPhones airpods.

Powerbeats Pro Review: Best Beats Headphones

Powerbeats Pro Review: Best Beats Headphones: Image Source

Now a day people demands new innovative accessories, that must have quality, and reliability as well. The Powerbeats pro has all the quality that is required by customers. Customers are looking for good quality but at a low price. Powerbeats pro has all properties that are demands from customers.

Customers want quality, and the quality means all over performance. In wireless headphones, and air buds (Airpods) should have sound quality as well as comfort design as well as battery. Customers are looking for handsome battery timing of earbuds (Airpods). It more important because no one wants to recharge the battery again, and again. The Powerbeats Pro know about all needs of its precious customers.

The Powerbeats Pro Design

Now we are talking about powerboats pro design, they diligently improve its design from previous model powerbeats3, especially when you put on your ear. It feels more reliable and comfortable. Usually, other (local) air buds no too much safe and don’t accurately adjust in your ears that cause pain after some time of using.

As a customer’s point of view, they like its design. Its avail all requirements that were demanded by customers. Powerbeats pro outer also look awe-inspiring and attracts customers as well. Its thinner in size, small and lightweight as well.

The use of powerbeats pro in daily routine, while you are walking, running and playing it doesn’t drop easily from your ears. Even you are playing basketball match, jumped, again and again, it is completed comfortable in ears and didn’t felt down. Its feel like elite class air buds. Usually, some of the famous smartphone brands recommend to its customers like Samsung.

Powerbeats pro designed more efficiently way, and its design collaborates by experts opinion. Its design make you to tight fit in the ears for solitary sound, and there is no extra background noise, which is good. Its weight 17% reduce than powerbeats3, and 23% less internal volume that is a good sign for eardrums of human. When you put on your ear than it smoothly adjusts and design doesn’t affect sound quality, that is the thing which required from customers — powerbeats pro designs by Dr. Dre, the name of quality.


As apple point of view, the sound quality was its ‘highest priority’ when Dr. Dre beats Developing powerbeats pro earbuds. Its redesign’ from the inside out.’ to upgrade to linear piston driver that controls the force of airflow to produce a ‘power acoustic response’ in a tiny package.

Powerbeats pro users will get ‘incredibly low sound distortion’ and, ‘great dynamic range’ along the full frequency curve said by Apple.

Water Resistance

The Powerbeats pro is also claims, its earbuds capable of sweat, and water resistance. It’s working ideal and efficient in water resistance conditions, that has IPx4 rating in sweat conditions. It doesn’t mean its complete water prove, but in a particular situation, it is water resistance. We conduct water resistance test; the powerbeats pro survives up to 20 minutes in splashes of watery consistency.

Battery Life

Now we are talking about powerbeats pro battery life. Usually, Powerbeats pro earbud has 9 hours in listening, but it can extend up to 24 Hours with included its charging case. These beats have more battery life than airpods 2. Powerbeats have consistence 6 Hours talk time, on the other hand, airpods had only 3 hour talk time. Powerbeats have an impressive battery.

It should charge in 5 minutes, that is enough for 1.5-hours music playback and after the charge of 15 minutes, you can enjoy music playback for 4.5 hours. When you want to charge earbuds you can place in the charing case. When it completes the charge earbuds than it automatically turns off the charging in charge case with the help of accelerometer motion sensor, its means when you want to sleep, you can place your earbuds in charging case without any tension about overcharging.

The charging case does not support wireless charging itself. You can manually charge the case with lightning cable put in the right place of charging case. 

Physical Buttons

The powerbeats pro has a physically up and down volume button that will be used for volume control. One more button with double-clicking to change the track of music, as well as use for accepting or decline the incoming calls.

Live Listening

Earbuds of powerbeats pro should support a live listening feature like airpods, and it also uses for a directional microphone.

Phone calls

In powerbeats pro, you can place your phone calls by press the specific button and speak the number where you want to place the call; it acts like a Siri feature. Earbuds sounded great with phone calls and microphone work efficiently in phone calls, and it ignores extra noise. People had no issue with hearing calls or drop call issues.

Final Words

Overall first look and review of the powerbeats pro are positive. It offers high quality of earbuds, including stability, comfort, battery life, and other features. In our point of view, powerbeats pro has design and features diligently. It has four different colors that easily avail in the market. It has all qualities which are required from customers.

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Powerbeats Pro Review: Best Beats Headphones
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