Playing Super Mario will help combat dementia

Published on December 27, 2017

A recent scientific study by researchers from the University of Montreal has discovered that playing video games like Super Mario can significantly improve the gamer’s brain capabilities. They carried out tests on players gaming with Super Mario and other related games for over two months. The scientists were able to forestall dementia. The researchers further went on to discover the playing video games, puzzles and logic games on 3D platforms are directly associated with the higher grey area of the navigation area of the brain.

According to a report by Independent, the research study discovered by the scientists suggest that training on 3D video games is found to enhance the quality of activities taking place in the grey matter in the hippocampus. This type of gaming is necessary for learning new skills. The gamers make use of their spatial memory processes to create a cognitive map of the in-game environments. The research was published in a book, PLOS ONE. It even further went on to suggest that playing Super Mario-like games lead to an increased in brain activities among young individuals.

As reported by Independent, the research was carried on a group of young individuals playing the 1996 Super Mario 64 game. They played it for a time-span of roughly two months. The young individuals ended up experiencing an increased spatial and episodic memory activities in comparison to others who merely played games on two-dimensional platforms.

This is not the first time that any research has discovered that gaming helps enhance the brain’s activities in the positive direction. The brain activities of an individual get improved in many different ways. Gamers are found to extremely smart in comparison to various other individuals as well. Just like a coin has two sides, even this matter has both pros and cons noted out.

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