PDFs Unite: Merge PDF Files Easily With GogoPDF

Published on January 25, 2021
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People usually use PDF as their document format to store soft copies of their essential documents. Students utilize PDF documents for various purposes, like advanced studying for future lectures and reviewing for exams. Besides students, employees prefer PDF as their go-to file format for file transfers and business proposals or presentations.

As a file format, this popularity of PDF stems from its significantly difficult to edit quality. PDF’s structure does not change even after multiple transfers. Changes are hard to do, and the data in the file is much safer than Word documents and others like Excel spreadsheets or even Powerpoint presentations.

Introducing you to GogoPDF

Since its popularity, students and the people earlier mentioned were occupied downloading, creating, and converting documents into PDF file format. They usually forget to declutter these files that makeup spaces as time goes by. GogoPDF is an online website that can help use its PDF merge online tool to easily clean everyone’s desktops and respective folders. 

Tons of online platforms and websites can help you clear up some space from your device if that is your sole issue. If we will be focusing on smartly cleaning loads of PDF documents from your cell phones, laptops, personal computers, even if there are still several websites like GogoPDF, GogoPDF has an absolute advantage over them. 

Various online websites or even applications that can help you declutter PDF files have already existed even before GogoPDF. However, a number of them require payments or paid accounts that ask for a monthly subscription for you to use their entire arsenal of functions, while others are free but charge hidden fees from the users and customers. 

GogoPDF’s online merging tool is the best website to go to whenever you need to merge some files on your device to make room for others or to let you breathe a little. It might be unknown to many, but too many files or apps that consume your device’s memory storage can lead to a slowing functionality of your device’s operating system. 

How is GogoPDF better than other online platforms offering the same service?

GogoPDF not only offers this merging service to people, but it provides this tool for free. Before you raise your eyebrows, GogoPDF being free will never be an issue as it might be like the other websites which charge hidden fees. GogoPDF’s affordability does not work as a candy to attract and gain numbers of users and customers. 

Try visiting GogoPDF’s website, and you will see its full services that are only within your fingertips to use. Its affordability works together with the website’s user-friendly interior design and appearance. It is proven to work well even for those who are new to computer processes as long as they can read and understand the instructions. 

Aside from being free, GogoPDF’s other features are speedy and dependable processing of your PDF documents. The website will only require a few clicks from you to start and finish the whole merging process. Do not worry because it preserves and does not change the PDF files’ layout and contents while undergoing the merging process. 

The website also lifts the burden of installing another application or software on your device; it will just use additional memory storage. Through GogoPDF, you can merge your PDF files into one online. As long as you possess a stable internet connection, you can enjoy a speedy, efficient merging process from the website. 

How does GogoPDF work?

GogoPDF boasts its process that can be done using four easy steps that can quickly be followed and understood by many people. The steps start on the user uploading their desired PDF files to merge. They can choose to find the PDF file, then click upload or manually drag the PDF file and drop it to the website’s blending tool. 

Another good thing about it is it lets the user have full control throughout the process except on the changes’ finalization. Because it has a flexible system, the user can arrange the PDF files. However, he can before finally merging it. This way, the user is assured that he will be satisfied with the merging process’s ending result.

After uploading the PDF files and arranging them in the user’s desired order, the system will now proceed with the merging and finalization phases. This process can take more than a few minutes, which also depends on the total size of the PDF files involved in the process and on the stability of the user’s internet connection.


GogoPDF is better than other websites in more ways than one. After the merging process, the user can have an option to share it on social media or share it through email. Through its systemic processing of merging PDF files, GogoPDF allows users to fully enjoy and experience its affordable accessibility without any hidden charges or toll.

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