Overwatch League’s official code has been leaked; Find all details here

Published on March 24, 2018

If reports are believed to be accurate, then Overwatch League’s official code seems to have leaked recently. The latest leak consists of a wide array of behaviors that include both, the pros and cons that may tag along in the upcoming competition. Recently, Esports broadcaster Richard Lewis uploaded a series of scanned documents on his website.

Overwatch League

Through these documents, Lewis revealed that he hopes to lift the veil on any potential unfair conditions that players may be contractually obligated to tolerate. The report is over 35-pages long and the information is sprawled over two separate sections. One section consists of the Player Streaming Policy. Meanwhile, the other one covers what the League-affiliated players can do on their streaming websites. The second one also includes the official rules, terms and conditions version 1.0.

The official Overwatch League is scheduled to kickoff soon. The first phase began earlier in January this year. Before it kicked off, league commissioner Nate Nanzer said he planned on making the full rules available to the public, but the summary is the only official release we’ve seen to date.

As per a separate report by Kotaku, the regulations about the upcoming match cover a wide variety of player behavior. This move includes the speculation over their language and gesture on streams, product endorsements and a lot of other things as well. It appears that the players won’t be allowed to accept sponsorships from companies that sell tobacco or cannabis. Apart from this, gambling or casino websites won’t get to advertise their products on the platform either.

The rules further go on to state that League will require the players to take down any content that they have posted about the kind mentioned above. Earlier this month, the Overwatch League handed down penalties to several pro players, including Félix “xQc” Lengyel of Dallas Fuel.



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