OurPact Best Parental Control App & Family Locator

Published on September 14, 2019

OurPact is an app designed for both IOS and Android users, that allows parents to keep an eye on their children activities as well as control their child’s apps and internet exposure on their gadgets like I pads, phones or tablets. OurPact also serves as the catch-all family locator as well as screen time management solution.

OurPact Best Parental Control App & Family Locator

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What features does OurPact App have?

It’s a user-friendly app which proffers multiple features that assist parents in supervising their kids. A wide range of features such as app blocker, family locator, website filtering, block texting at a single app has transformed the lives of millions of parents who keep worrying about their children.
Subscription Packages Of OurPact

Three different subscription packages are offered by OurPact that are listed below

  • Free
  • Plus
  • Premium

Free Subscription

A free subscription helps the user to control only a single child’s mobile phone or tab. It allows you to make up to five manual blocks per month and one automated block schedule. This is packages has limited features and is confined to only one user.

Plus Subscription

OurPact Plus package includes up to 10 children devices with unlimited manual blocks schedules as well as unlimited automated block schedules just in $1.99 per month. You can also avail one-week free trial. It is far better than the Free Subscription has a lot of features for you.

Premium subscription

OurPact Premium package includes up to 20 children devices with unlimited manual blocks schedules, unlimited automated block schedules and all the other features discussed in this article in $6.99 per month. You can also avail one-week free trial.

How to Install OurPact?

Creating OurPact’s account on their official website is a piece of cake. It is very easy and one can do it in a few minutes. Click on sign up and enter your Name, E-mail and password and you are done with creating an account in less than 2 minutes.
After creating your account and adding your child or children details, you will be immediately asked about the type of device your child uses, for instance, Android or IOS.
In Android, download the OurPact app from google app and agree to terms and conditions. After that grab your child’s phone and download OurPact Jr and you will be done in few minutes.
In IOS, you need to download a separate installer to a Mac or Windows computer and then connect your child’s IOS device to a computer. After backing up and restoring the device, you need to sign in your OurPact account from safari on child’s device. This process might take an hour.
The last step is to set up your child’s profile by filling some basic information such as name, date of birth and, optionally, gender.

Features of OurPact

After setting up an account you will be able to use these features to manage your child’s habits and family coordination.

App Rules

This feature is very useful for managing all the apps installed in your child’s device. You got three options for managing your installed apps always blocked which will make app disappear from child’s device, always allowed will make it available even during scheduled or manual blocks, & per schedule make it available according to the time set by parents. Parents are notified when any new app is installed in the child’s device

Web Filtering

Web filtering allows parents to protect their child’s device from adult content by an option present on the lower-left corner that blocks adult content. However, this feature works on only major web browsers.

Screen time allowance

This feature manages the total time a child is allowed to use the device. You can design a schedule for the whole week or you can change it anytime you want according to your will but for this feature, you must have to access your child’s device to turn on or off the allowance clock.

Block Texting

Though OurPact does not offer such specific text messages is beneficial in saving the child’s time.

Family locator

Whether you need to keep tabs on your child’s safety, find the device, or coordinate a pickup, Family Locator is a perfect feature for you. Geo-fencing is another feature that allows parents to mark some specif points whenever their child enters or leaves that place the parent’s device receives a notification. But for this feature, your child’s device must have an internet connection.


Grant feature allows your child additional time to use his device while block feature can block the device for a specified period.
OurPact is one of the best parental control apps undoubtedly. It enforces bedtime, dinner time, study time and family time. If you have any queries regarding OurPact you can ask in the comment section below, we will try to answer all questions immediately. Have a happy using!!!

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OurPact Best Parental Control App & Family Locator
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